Stunning Pop-up Shop

This collaborative project started with inspiration from the most current retail store concepts and the outcome was a result of 12 months of design and planning process. The end design is based on ripple wave pattern that emendates out from the central feature point.

Westfield London gave the brand one of the most prominent locations within the centre to help provide an iconic design statement in a prominent location. The team created the striking central watch pelmet to incorporate the distinctive watch face and logo as well as to provide a practical solution to lighting the tables below.

All of the furniture is built in solid surface materials and the tables incorporate low energy lighting and hidden storage for not only stock but also for staff coats and bags. Light boxes and iPads are used to tell the brand story and communicate the current campaigns.

In total the kiosk displays over 400 watches and has storage for more than 500 stocked items. In night mode the products tester panels are removed and locked away in side the storage drawers and the back wall portico tester panels are fitted with clear acrylic covers so they become a shop window for people who are passing by on their way to and from the restaurants and cinema complex.


  • Cool Environments
  • Experiential Design
  • Pop-Up-Shop
  • Promotional Event