_ Columbia x SDI

A modern approach to the outdoor style

Sports Direct, one of the biggest sporting retailers on the UK high street, invited Columbia to feature within the highly anticipated outdoor category concept at their iconic Oxford Street store.

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Wanting to stay true to their brand and visual identity, we worked closely with Columbia to leverage their products across all touchpoints. Creating innovative outdoor gear since 1938, the brand wanted to take a modern approach to outdoor style whilst integrating digital and illuminated assets.

Looking for an outcome that represents their mission, values and character, D4R applied a technology-first design to support their indomitable spirit and capture the active lifestyle they emulate.

a bright, friendly, and inviting atmosphere


Championing their brand through their iconic Columbia Blue, the shade encapsulated the allocated space and transformed it to a bright, friendly, and inviting atmosphere that helped generate brand recognition. Whilst incorporating lifestyle imagery and graphic assets, we created an eye-catching hero display that brought the brand to life and showcased the practicality of their garments.

Reinforcing the impact of the brand, a juxtaposition of brand colours and blankets of metal adornments, exaggerated the depth of field and textural elements within the design. The use of selected materials reflects Columbia’s history and draws on the starting point of the brand, mimicking natural elements of the Pacific Northwest. In addition to material selection and architectural elements, more purposeful moments have been designed to be placed around the store to elevate the retail presence. Whilst paying homage to the brands’ industry-leading garment technology, simplicity took lead with the white illuminated logo, situated at the top of the wall bay, capturing the full attention of the passerby consumer.


Each element of Columbia’s exterior branding had carefully been designed to tell their unique story. Prominent signage enhanced the retail performance, allowing us to heighten their iconic branding even further, transforming the space and leaving a modern twist on the traditional outdoor style.