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Following the successful translation of Wild Science Lab into Printemps Doha, D4R diversified our collaboration with the brand and created the packaging for their latest range, ‘Happy Skin’.

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As with all Wild Science Lab products, the ‘Happy Skin’ range uses natural ingredients to tackle skin woes. From organic aloe vera to delicate linden oil, the range needs minimalistic, wellness-focussed packaging, communicating its vegan, natural and balanced makeup.

An elegant application of print processes


To kickstart our creative process, we created a series of tailored moodboards, a thoughtful approach that enabled us to discern and align with the client’s intentions. These moodboards served as powerful visual tools to communicate ideas, inspirations, and concepts, allowing us to build a more comprehensive and detailed brief & onward process that precisely captured the client’s vision.

Central to our design strategy was a profound understanding of the brand’s core identity, with a strong emphasis on their commitment to using vegan ingredients. This ethos became the foundation upon which all our moodboard explorations and concept work were built, ensuring that every outcome adhered faithfully to the values of this Leaping Bunny approved brand.

Our task was to create a holistic, cohesive packaging solution for the ‘Happy Skin’ range, incorporating the clean and understated assets already established by the brand. In a saturated market, we needed to ensure that the product had on-shelf stand out, leading us to utilise the brand teal in an all-over approach. This limited colour palette and minimalist design communicated the purity of the product and allowed the brand logo to have the gravitas it deserves. We also applied strategic knowledge to the layout of the design, working on the communication hierarchy to ease product and brand understanding.


During our research and moodboarding process, we explored various packaging executions, and understood the importance of elegant print processes to elevate the brand’s positioning to a premium level. This led us to incorporate a spot UV effect, masterfully highlighting the brand’s ‘Root & Fruit’ motif. By integrating this technique into our overall minimalist design approach, we crafted visuals that resonated harmoniously with the brand’s identity while propelling it forward to meet their ambitious aspirations for growth.

With the client’s approval, we took on the responsibility of creation of print assets in-house. This allowed us to maintain a tight grip on the creative and ensured a seamless and consistent vision from concept to execution. The direct communication and synergy between our creative and artworking teams were pivotal in safeguarding the integrity of the design, and it translated into an impeccable outcome that exceeded expectations. Our attention to detail and meticulous process resulted in a sophisticated packaging solution that effectively communicates the brand’s natural, premium ethos.


“We couldn’t be happier with our experience working with Design4Retail. They truly captured our brand image and values in the design of the shop-in-shop concept, with the Leaf + Seed and Root + Fruit themes which clearly reflected our preventative solutions for scalp, hair and skin . The outcome of the design work is stunning and we’re looking forward to seeing it in more stores soon.”

Ali Wasfy, Founder & CEO