The biggest launch of the year.

With the mission to be number one in complexion, MAC looked to produce an unmissable large-scale shade matching roadshow across multiple locations in the UK and Ireland to celebrate the new foundation era, honouring the launch of their serum-powered foundation, Studio Radiance.

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MAC is owning radiance and the client wanted to reflect this through a visual spectacle. The goal was to recruit new customers to MAC and shade match one million people to the new radiant foundation, no matter their age, race, or gender. The pop-up had to educate, drive buzz, and ultimately provide customers with their perfect shade, while visually amplifying the key benefits of the new product, radiance and hydration.

The mission to be #1 in complexion


The roadshow was kickstarted with a Selfridges pop-up in the bullring, Birmingham. The vibrant space was divided into three distinct activity zones: driving buzz, educating, and recruiting. To drive buzz, elements of gamification were incorporated into the pop-up, including a promotional game, where customers had the opportunity to win discounts, freebies, and demos.

The education zone consisted of the shade library displaying all 56 artist-curated shades, customised for each skin tone and undertone, reinforcing the importance of colour spectrum. Shade matching stations were strategically placed around this area to offer customers a one-to-one personalised experience when learning more on the skincare-first technology. The physical and digital strategies were interwoven in this zone as it provided a platform for User Generated Content, senior artist visits and live demos broadcasted across MAC owned channels.

Shoppers were invited to finish the journey by leaving their mark and placing a signed sticker on the ‘matching 1 million’ totem. This small gesture effortlessly encourages an interactive moment and fosters as sense of community among shoppers, in the hopes of recruiting new MAC customers.

The execution had to be the most premium expression of the brand that could also be reconfigured to create the fixtures for future roadshow locations and the effectiveness of the event will be tracked through various KPI’s.


Our concept creates a home for MAC. Filled with immersive moments, high touch experiences, and social buzz, this pop-up successfully compliments the biggest launch of the year that speaks to a diverse range of audience and encourages onward journey sales.