_ Wild Science Lab

Wild Science Lab’s launch into physical retail.

Following previous packaging design work with the premium hair and skincare brand, our latest collaboration with Wild Science Lab saw the launch of a botanical shop-in-shop in the newly built Printemps department store in Doha, Qatar.

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Prior to this project, Wild Science Lab was an online-only brand, making this their debut into the world of physical retail, so it had to be impactful, educational, memorable, and encapsulating the ethos of the brand! The focus for the shop-in-shop was based on three key strategic pillars including, engaging biophilic design, promotion of the brand’s story, and a celebration of the ingredients used in their wellness products. Under the Wild Science Lab umbrella are two key sub-brands, LEAF + SEED and ROOT + FRUIT which co-founders Ali and Zoe felt were important to highlight separately. This would allow customers to seamlessly navigate the brand’s products and differentiate between the haircare and skincare ranges. Throughout the process of evolving the creative concept, it was vital that we designed a flexible retail space that can be easily updated for future launches, with capacity for the brand’s full assortment of products to be displayed at any one given time.

Creating a tactile and sensory moment


Following our research into the wider marketplace to establish an understanding of the current landscape, our designers curated a cohesive retail strategy which they later transformed into an impactful and comprehensive shop-in-shop concept. To demonstrate the brand’s expertise in naturally-derived skincare, a hero ingredients wall was incorporated to frame the space. Each ingredient is displayed in a glass petri-dish-inspired container to reinforce the scientific aspect of the brand and products, giving customers more transparency over what they are using in their hair and on their skin. The moss wall backdrop creates a tactile and sensory moment, softening the science and paying homage to the products’ naturally-sourced ingredients.

In the foreground sits two play tables dedicated to each sub-brand, ROOT & FRUIT and LEAF & SEED, which are easily recognised by their illuminated motifs. To ensure cohesion within the space, each play table has been topped with a moss print and adorned with varying sizes of coloured plinths for premium product display. Sharing the brand’s story was essential for the founders so customers could learn about their hybrid backgrounds in beauty and healthcare, contributing to the brand’s credibility with the aim of building a stronger relationship between brand and customer.


We delivered a shop-in-shop that was leveraged to attract and engage with the audience, forming a retail space that resonates and connects with a decision-fatigued, choice-rich customer. By combining our retail strategy acumen, responsive design, and an in-depth understanding of the beauty and wellness landscapes, the brand was able to generate a torrent of traction on its debut into physical retail.


“We couldn't be happier with our experience working with Design4Retail. They truly captured our brand image and values in the design of the shop in shop concept, with both the LEAF & SEED and ROOT & FRUIT themes, clearly reflecting our preventative solutions for scalp, hair and skin which are all made from natural ingredients and wild nature leaves, seeds, and fruits. The outcome of the design work is stunning and we're looking forward to seeing it in more stores soon.”