We create visually striking window displays which capture your customers’ imagination and drive footfall in-store. Using shopper insights to understand your customers’ shopping missions and their flow around the store, we create bespoke solutions that embody the unique spirit of your brand and guide customers through the store, designing impactful visual merchandising to disrupt their journey and draw their attention to specific products and promotions.

adidas: golden ultraboost

Design4Retail was commissioned to produce a strong, attention-grabbing window display design that would show-off the new golden shoe’s undisputed authority and elegance. Visually striking, yet elegant, the Stella Mainline toolkit would aid Adidas in telling a compelling story, using contemporary movement to really bring the story to life.

Fashion focussed, the use of rose gold mirrors and strategically placed lighting created an innovative infinity mirror effect. The ‘shard’ gobos paired with soft lighting forged an awe-inspiring impression of movement, enabling the golden shoe to demand the attention it truly deserves.

This breath-taking Window Display is breaking all the rules and ultra-boosting Europe’s largest sportswear manufacturer into a cosmos of its own.

Vans: The Era

Rising from its original skateboarding roots, Vans has become one of the world’s largest youth culture brands. Worn by skaters, surfers and creatives alike, the Vans Era has held on to its iconic status for over 40 years. It was the first shoe designed by skateboarders, for skateboarders, way back in 1976, and yet today it has a much wider following and is deeply embedded in the art, music and street culture scene.

Working with the toolkit provided by Vans, we created a window concept that can be found this summer in three Vans stores in central London – including Carnaby street, Camden and Covent Garden.

Inspired by the relaxed and irreverent spirit of the brand, an eclectic mix of large and small graphic imagery of the print campaign sits alongside brand messages, signatures and iconography. Playing with scale, a giant hand appears to dangle a huge pair of Vans Era shoes in front of passers-by and is guaranteed to raise a smile!

Shiseido, Harrods

Design4Retail supported Shiseido with the delivery of a premium Harrods’ window display exuding strength, power, beauty and radiance to celebrate Ultimune; a product which embodies Shiseido skincare with its ability to “strengthen the skin’s natural powers of defence, enabling it to build its own beauty”.

We were tasked to deliver a visually arresting, product-inspired Harrods’ window display to charm the beauty fans of Knightsbridge, unveiling a message that would luxuriantly highlight Ultimune’s remarkable performance and contribution to the skincare industry. Using the design concept from Shiseido’s design partner, we technically developed and installed a full kit of parts to offer an enhanced sense of depth. Multi-layered and multi-tonal, we refined this premium window design, centred around Shiseido’s No. 1 serum, to give Ultimune the platform that it deserves.

Contrasting against Harrods’ famous grey marble exterior, the red-to-pink gradient colour palette creates the perfect setting for Shiseido’s directive. Further pronounced by asymmetrical edge-lit panels and an illuminated central factice with a life-like mirrored lid, this installation elegantly disperses light out into the streets of London, drawing passers-by straight to the heart of the design: Ultimune.

Under Armour: JD Refresh

As they grow exponentially within sportswear retail, Under Armour choose to elevate their physical presence.

Our technical design team quickly began to redesign a soft kit of parts, providing a solution which would elevate the brand presence within JD stores, whilst being easy to install, cost-effective and easily flexed. This would include the update of both menswear and womenswear locations, creating impactful launch zones and windows to bolster the Under Armour brand in-store.

Most importantly, when strategising the elevation of the brand, was to consider improved visual merchandising and better lighting of the product, with the aim of delivering a significant increase in sales of Under Armour products. Both the menswear and womenswear zones are indicative of this strengthened concept, utilising powerful lighting against the deep grey hues of the metalwork and pops of red.

Charlotte Tilbury: Hollywood Lips

Understanding the fluidity of retail trends, Charlotte Tilbury stay one step ahead of the market; delighting their followers with pop-ups, events and exciting social media content. Hollywood Lips was just one of the thrilling campaigns to be launched, inspired by the ‘timeless glamour of the silver screen starlets’ but created for everyone.

With a concept centralised around Hollywood glamour, we developed a retail design identity which would take visitors on a journey to stardom. The pop-up is a blend of dazzling Hollywood lighting, opulent rich shades of burgundy and pink with moments of glamour thrown in. Subtlety is left at the door, as Tilbury fans take their seat at a chair usually reserved for the Hollywood elite; immersing themselves in the glory of Hollywood Lips.

As they continue their journey to cosmetic stardom, the brand masters the art of pop-up promotional spaces to inspire and delight. Just like Hollywood, this pop-up was the place to be. Taking over Selfridges London for just a week, it stole the limelight (and the hearts of Tilbury fans) with its ultra-glam aesthetic.


D4R designed and installed new USA Pro Windows into Piccadilly Lillywhites, Shirebrook, Oxford Street and Leeds stores. These new window activations featured the popular girl band, Little Mix, as part of USA Pro’s 2016 new spring/summer campaign. The design for the window is based on the TV advert which shows the girls being choreographed and having fun. Subsequently, we re-created the dance studio environment, with particular focus on getting the materials, colours and lighting, just right.