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A multifunctional destination for the gaming community.

We were approached by gaming experts, BaseStack, with the challenge to create an evolved retail concept for their flagship esports centre in Dortmund. Providing a customer experience strategy that would encourage an interactive community space to share gaming advice, meet with likeminded players and enjoy downtime.

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Our partnership with BaseStack first began in 2021 where we created a retail concept, which was then evolved and implemented in the autumn of 2023, ready for the new store launch. The new concept included an evolution of the original designs, combining new and old, all while focusing on the quality of production and build. What resulted, a gaming destination where players could explore the world of esports and connect with others through the shared passion for gaming.

Delivering play like an athlete


To understand the brand and the project drivers we first looked into what lay at the heart of BaseStack; their customers. To bring the experience to life it was important to understand how the BaseStack consumer can be identified into distinct consumer tribes, which then influenced the design. Ensuring that engagement was activated across all levels of the esports ecosystem we broke down the customer journey into ten key moments within the store, identifying key activation zones, multifunctional spaces, and areas for gaming.

Having reflected on the original designs from 2021, we evolved the spatial layout with careful consideration to furniture choice, production, and installation. Through the use of disruptive iconographic patterns, larger-than-life streaming screens and dynamic lighting, we created a vibrant space which suited both its purpose, the brand’s demographics and all levels of gaming; from amateur to professional.


Supplying everything from customer strategy to installation, we provided the perfect solution to a modern visually striking gaming paradise, fit with an esports arena, production studio with streaming facilities, a detox lounge, gaming café, merchandise zones and a suite of 150 high tec gaming pods.

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