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_ Charlotte Tilbury

A journey to stardom

Instantly recognised by the glamorous rose-gold packaging, Charlotte Tilbury has taken the cosmetics market by storm with a philosophy centred around confidence, inner beauty and inspiration.

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Understanding the fluidity of retail trends, Charlotte Tilbury stays one step ahead of the market; delighting its followers with pop-ups, events and exciting social media content. Hollywood Lips was just one of the thrilling campaigns to be launched, inspired by the ‘timeless glamour of the silver screen starlets’ but created for everyone.

I want to be a star


With a concept centralised around Hollywood glamour, we developed a retail design identity which would take visitors on a journey to stardom. The pop-up is a blend of dazzling Hollywood lighting, opulent rich shades of burgundy and pink with moments of glamour thrown in. Subtlety is left at the door, as Tilbury fans take their seat at a chair usually reserved for the Hollywood elite; immersing themselves in the glory of Hollywood Lips.


As they continue their journey to cosmetic stardom, the brand masters the art of pop-up promotional spaces to inspire and delight. Just like Hollywood, this pop-up was the place to be. Taking over Selfridges London for just a week, it stole the limelight (and the hearts of Tilbury fans) with its ultra-glam aesthetic.

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Our Opinion

"More people are shopping for beauty products than ever before and, unlike so many other sectors, the large majority are still doing so in-store. It seems that when shopping for beauty, there is no substitute for being able to experience, experiment and explore. Amongst the traditional and new-to-market brands, Charlotte Tilbury consistently highlight their preference for exciting physical spaces which tempt consumers to truly explore the cosmetics range and experiment with the latest product. The dazzling Hollywood pop-up was a nod to LA glam, combining retail experience with an aesthetic usually reserved for the stars."

Brittany Reid - Marketing & Insights, D4R


Every trend has an opposite, a counterpart that is its antithesis, and these ‘design dualities’ is precisely what our latest insight report explores. Delving into these dualities is not merely about style; it’s decoding the unspoken conversation of fractured communities, seeking pathways for bridge building through forms that reflect our division. Request the report!