We work with you to create retail environments that truly integrate digital with the physical. From your brand’s online persona to digital interventions in-store, as part of our digital integration, we take a holistic approach to create a unified and seamless experience that enriches and enhances their shopping journey and the customers relationship with your brand.


The store’s customer journey was designed with the brand’s seven key solutions – Immune System, Stress & Sleep, Muscles & Joints, Skin Health, Mood Support, Health Maintenance, and Anti-Aging – as a methodology for exploration and product category navigation.

An intuitive pathway for customers was defined starting with a window display that prefaces the brand, building intrigue, to a welcoming interactive moment via the ‘My Being – skin scanner’. This interactive touchpoint introduces shoppers to the brand, diagnosing and identifying products relevant to their needs. Staff stylised as ‘Botanacists’ offer expert instore advice and consultations, as well as epigenetic testing for in depth well-being regimens.

Within the core of the space is an interactive touch sensitive table allowing customers to learn about the blend of ingredients that make up Cannabotech’s products, and enlighten themselves to the body’s endocannabinoid system, delving into the efficacy of the unique M2CBD formula. This educational and exploratory element within the store seeks to engage customers, leveraging RFID-based lift and learn technology to activate immersive content.

Too Faced, Carnaby Street

Instantly recognised by their playful branding and quirky product names, the physical manifestation of Too Faced could not be anything less than characterful. As the first UK flagship, the store would not only draw the attention of committed fans but become the educational playground for newcomers; directing us towards a strategy centred around storytelling and indulgent in-store experiences.

Our concept became a juxtaposition of styles and textures, with a bit of ‘what the..?’ thrown in. It’s the subtlety of the Parisian townhouse meeting the Californian cool of Too Faced HQ, with the exuberance and glamour of the TF founders in the mix. Against the calm palette of pink and gold, the sequin selfie wall, the decadent chocolate palette and the almost loveable sweet peach stand out to delight and surprise. Disruptive from start to finish, just like the revered brand.

Opening its doors within the vibrancy of Carnaby, the store broke all records for an opening day on this street, capturing the hearts of many avid Too Faced fans – even those just looking for the chance to take a selfie with the bespoke sequined TF backdrop.

The Sports Edit, Coal Drops Yard

With a philosophy centred around careful curation, the brand new boutique needed to reflect the brand’s particular approach which is focused on athletic empowerment and crafted advice on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

‘Industrial luxe’ quickly became the golden thread inspiring the design for this flagship. We introduced the idea of a premium + industrial aesthetic, akin to the product range, to sit against the backdrop of the reinvented Victorian architecture. Stepping foot into the boutique, TSE-owned customer personas come to life; reflecting the brand’s dedication to empowering the athlete through sustainable sportswear and knowledgeable guidance.

The flagship is a modern take on what a flagship should be – a dynamic, physical but evolving expression of brand values and personality which seamlessly connects online and offline.

House of adidas, Harrods

With a vision to change the way in which athletic apparel is designed + purchased, adidas consistently strive to set new standards of retail experience, both online and offline. Their House of adidas space within Harrods is iconic for the brand, remarkable not only for its sizable location on the 5th floor of a prestigious department store but its beautifully crafted retail design.

Wholly invested in the adidas, Harrods allocated the largest athletic apparel space to the brand as part of the 5th floor renovation. With this encouragement from the prestigious department store, our concept focused on this amplification of the adidas brand, even removing the ceiling and perimeter walls and re-instating them to ensure the maximum amount of space could be utilised. Within the enormous branded space, the consumer journey is clearly at the core of the design concept. From Adidas originals footwear to women’s athleisure, and everything in between, each area emits its own personality; sparking awareness and inviting interaction with each product.

A clever mix of navigation, key product features and creative digital integration creates a powerful amplification of adidas within Harrods 5th floor. The increased space is just one example of the power they hold in sports retail, unifying a vast range of adidas products.

MUFC Megastore

The MUFC Megastore is sought after rather than stumbled across, highlighting the need for heightened consumer-led experiences. Incorporating the stadium concept, this store focuses on improving the customer journey with storytelling touch-points, whilst also elevating the adidas brand; the delivery of which D4R undertook as principal contractor and lead project manager. Upgrade your retail space with cutting-edge digital solutions. Contact us for more information.