Redefining sleep at retail

We provided TEMPUR with the design guidelines to help build brand strength, creditability, and a unified tone of voice across all international markets. Resulting in a clear framework for local design teams to create stores that embody the TEMPUR brand in a globally identifiable way, while still respecting the local needs.

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The client approached D4R with the view to create a global retail guideline that could be implemented across TEMPUR-own stores, multiband and wholesale environments. The intention was to curate an evolved TEMPUR retail concept which did not look for total consistency, but rather for a recognisable ethos. The spaces had to be locally sensitive, right for the marketplace and its customers, yet instantly recognisable as TEMPUR-owned.

The Future of Sleep


We firstly took a deep dive into the TEMPUR brand to decipher what the core drivers were which later determined the overarching outcomes, and ultimately influencing the design of the stores. We investigated the different markets and their interpretations of TEMPUR which led us to offer two approaches based on our findings. The aesthetic of the chosen concept had to feel both scientifically driven and offer a premium lifestyle choice.

Consisting of neutral, natural tones, the material palette created a calming, restorative ambiance within the space that encouraged and represented restful sleep. Different lighting styles were also considered throughout the concept as we know how easily mood and tone can be crafted through careful application of lighting levels, styles, colours, and fittings.

Clear activity zoning allowed an intuitive pathway to guide customers through the store, aiding decisions around product selection and creating a stimulating experience. We also designed a selection of graphics that were both flexible in their content and intended to suit the spectrum of markets. These graphics fed into each marketplace’s ability to define a store experience that presented TEMPUR’s personality and brand truths, focussing on different facets of the brand.

Lastly, we curated what we called ‘The Third Layer’, whereby we chose décor elements that created a holistic landscape which visually and emotionally represented the TEMPUR brand. We provided guidance on these nuanced third layers of the concept, encompassing propping, uniforms, food and beverage, greenery, and even sensory elements to curate a recognisable personality as well as fostering customer trust and affinity.


Through 3D renders we were able to bring the global retail concept to life, visualising the reassuring customer journey, lifestyle storytelling and wellness influences for a clear reflection of the TEMPUR brand identity. The overarching direction of the TEMPUR store environment built a cohesive and memorable understanding of the brand and their products to customers.