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Owning a presence in the JD environment whilst being true to the New Balance brand world.

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With a mission to set the global standard for retail experience, JD in partnership with New Balance, tasked D4R to design a premium instore global concept, whilst being true to the New Balance brand world.

Disrupting the JD environment


Focusing on the deliverables of footwear, New Balance desired to create a seamless customer experience, that raised the bar and didn’t compromise craftsmanship.

Understanding the creative identities of JD and New Balance was key to this project. The core elements of both, feature purposeful illumination and premium materials, whilst ensuring the product is the hero.

After establishing a visual direction, JD opted for a core concept that was adaptable across a range of bespoke store designs, to suit different tiers of retail models. From a big and bold premium flagship requirement down to a modular design, all featured brushed steel, twinned with matte white surfaces and halo lighting.

Aspiring to champion their brand through an amplified visual presence, we explored innovative product presentation, paired with digital elements to enhance New Balance’s brand personality, and create a fully immersive customer experience. By disrupting the JD environment, it allowed New Balance to stand out amongst a busy physical space, ensuring maximum impact for brand recognition.


The initial brief was a kit of modular parts to go into UK JD stores. After further discussions with the JD team, the scope of the project developed into a premium global solution, expanding to 130 stores in 2023/24 worldwide and collaborating with international manufacturers and partners, with more stores in the pipeline.



To date this project has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The D4R team have been an integral partner in bringing our instore global strategy to life, providing consistent and valued support in all forms. I am looking forward to continuing our collaboration and seeing how much further we can elevate our brand experience throughout JD.

— Sean Telfer, Visual Merchandising Manager