Fulham Showroom

_ Arlo & Jacob

Revitalising the showroom experience

The inaugural showroom for furniture brand Arlo & Jacob is the by-product of a Victorian ice-cream factory; with remnants of the historic architecture ever-present amongst the contemporary destination store.

2D Design
Creative Design
Project Management


Whilst steeped in a rich history of craftmanship, Arlo & Jacob have established themselves as a contemporary furniture brand, offering the very best in quality and endurance. They looked to reinvent their flagship showroom in Fulham, using the space to reflect their unrivalled heritage and distinguished brand voice; fuelling a more cohesive consumer experience.

Elevating customer journey


From the quirks of ‘the best seat in the house’, to ‘made in Long Eaton’ and finally through to the impressive ‘lifetime guarantee’, our creative strategy ensures that each physical touchpoint in the showroom is an extension of the unique voice & offer from Arlo & Jacob. It’s the beauty of product imagery hanging effortlessly against the bold metalwork through to the visualisation studio filled with lush fabrics which tell the story; the final piece of the puzzle being the timber, supplied directly from the A&J warehouse in Long Eaton.


Individual room sets spark a sense of cosiness, the fabric studio is a journey of creative inventions and the friendly but firm graphic communication is reflective A&J’s place in the market.

Ideas made possible.

Our opinion

"Offering consumers in-store experiences which exceed the traditional 'sales-first' approach is incredibly important. The revitalisation of the A&J showroom is a reaction to this experiential trend, with a keen focus on how consumers purchase their furniture - from the educational experience through to the welcoming and relaxed environment. Tactility, inspiration and interaction are at the heart of this showroom, complimented with a friendly tone of voice which couldn't be more Arlo & Jacob."

Amy Maxwell, Marketing, D4R