_ Myprotein

The first-ever offline retail space

Challenged with helping Myprotein encourage customers to join ‘the world’s most empowering health movement’, we designed a ‘Grab & Go’ kitchen-themed store to attract new, health-conscious consumers by taking back breakfast.

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The brief was to develop the Myprotein brand identity for physical retail, evolving and amplifying the established brand personality and values by translating the success of their online offering into a physical retail environment. It was vital that the store had a recognisable brand DNA while staying relevant to local variations. To ensure a defined focus on health and wellness, Myprotein looked to layer storytelling, personalised experiences and elements of community throughout the store.

Inclusive. Foodie-focused. Empowering.


Before deciding on a final concept, we first approached the project by looking into the driving forces of the project activity, what we did and, more importantly, why we did it. Through this process we identified the core drivers that guided the creative and functional exploration that would promote Myprotein as a challenger lifestyle brand who champion health intentions and reframe sports fuel as nutrition. As well as defining key consumer tribes and their respective interests, we explored the marketplace landscape to give us a unique perspective and put the project into context. To understand the future of fitness, we outlined the key trends and emerging activity that we believe will shape the future evolution of the industry, ensuring to uphold Myprotein as an expert in the field.

The chosen concept direction evoked the kitchen, a recognisable visual reference, without recreating a kitchen in the literal form, helping consumers to feel that the products align with their lifestyles. The thematic presentation had an added fitness flavour by incorporating subtle details to make the space a joy to discover for the fitness insider and provide links to the brand’s roots. A simple and easy-to-navigate approach, through motivational brand communications and bold category graphics, empowered each customer to find the right products in their personalised journey.

Clear activity zoning was established to achieve the goal of guiding customers through the store, exposing them to products, all while managing important stimuli that clearly define the zone of the activity. The zones consisted of the Myprotein kitchen itself; a space to order healthy food and beverages, retail areas for core products and a community space; home of the kitchen table used to nurture brand affinity via events, product demos, expert talks and influencer meet & greets. The store also provided areas for brand collaborations, dwell zones and moments for customers to leave their mark in Myprotein history!


The pop-up store represented an evolution of the brand that emphasised the connection between the consumer and the Myprotein community. A place where Myprotein came to life. Through our deep understanding of the retail sector, we brought the key values of the brand identity to life using tactility, immersion, sensory stimuli, and human interaction in ways that only physical spaces can achieve.


“Design4Retail did an incredible job in developing a retail space that perfectly reflects the Myprotein brand evolution. Through insightful insight, strategy, and years of retail experience, they not only brought the new visual identity to life in 3D but also nailed the ethos of the brand – suggesting how the space should best be used, shopped, and enjoyed. Their meticulous attention to detail, collaboration and seamless installation process ensured a stunning and functional store that captivates our customers.”

Global Brand Director at MyProtein