The focus on sustainability accelerated, and mainstream consumption changed direction in the last year as consumers decidedly voiced their opinion that there was no more planet B. The pause offered by the pandemic allowed many brands to re-evaluate their sustainability initiatives and put them to the fore.

If we wish to safeguard our planet and resources, it is essential to prioritise long term goals for the environment. The commercial retail design industry can be enormously wasteful – a demand for fast solutions, a disposable mindset, and a legacy of high turnover of produced material at low price points. Our goal is to work to change our industry by choosing more responsible practices. We have committed to positively changing our business through our design and operational processes and considering our business’s impact on our employees, clients, and the environment. We have partnered with a leading sustainability rating platform to evaluate how well we have integrated the principles of sustainability and CSR into our business by assessing the work we do and how we do it. Our rating provides us with a universal scorecard for our activity that allows us to implement a road map of processes and practices that will deliver our ambition for continuous improvement.

At Design4Retail our vision is to be part of a movement that leads change towards a more circular and less environmentally impactful industry. We are working to kickstart changes across our operations and within the wider industry. Taking a meaningful stance to tackle the challenge our planet faces requires the courage to take bold actions. These include making mindful retail design choices, considering material lifespan, reconsidering waste, and thinking more local. Sustainable practice should be the default choice going forward, and as shown in some of our recent projects, it does not have to be an aesthetic compromise anymore. In our own practices, we are setting annual energy reduction targets, are moving our office and manufacturing suppliers to responsible sources, and are committing to giving time to charitable causes.

We’ve always believed that great design should – and can – be available to all. From our start eighteen years ago, our role has always been to provide the best support to our clients with an approachable face and a can-do attitude. Today this means being sustainable; it’s the only way to continue to make great design and great experiences available to many people for the future years to come.

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