_ adidas UK x TSE

Kings Cross Light Tunnel

The Sports Edit ran a spectacular fitness event in December which saw the coming together of athletes of all levels in the Kings Cross light tunnel to celebrate the launch of the new adidas Ultraboost20 shoe – Space Race!

2D Design


The event consisted of a 45-minute HIIT class guided by Ged Foster followed by a Yoga class guided by Team GB Hurdler and adidas athlete, Lina Nielson, complete with live DJ. adidas UK approached D4R to survey the tunnel and subsequently create and install artwork which would seamlessly support the coming together of sports and retail, including laying floor vinyl with impactful branding that would invite participants to engage with the event.



It was important that D4R understood the event to its fullest to ensure that the artwork would be a superlative fit for the tunnel’s function, with respective focus on the new Ultraboost20 shoe. From D4R’s in-depth knowledge of the product, asset artwork and campaign vibe, we were able to design and manipulate the artwork to make it exclusive to the event without losing sight of purpose.


Surrounded by Ultaboost20 campaign activations, the artwork collectively created a cohesive look which would guide event participants to take their spot in the tunnel and immerse themselves with the brand. In order to measure the campaign’s success, we sent a member of our Trends and Insights’ Team to participate in the event and report back her thoughts.

Ideas made possible.


"The tunnel was closed to the public so there was air of anticipation and excitement until we could enter, however, before the event started, we were invited to put on the new Ultraboost20 shoe for the workout ahead which was really great. I turned up in my Ultraboost19 trainers so it was really interesting to experience the new Ultraboost20 trainers in comparison. When everyone was ready, we walked down the stairs to the tunnel and the first thing that I saw was the adidas Ultraboost20 graphics lining the floor which really drew me in and invited me to venture further into the tunnel.

"There was a really buzzy atmosphere and the live DJ music and Ged Foster on the microphone really got me revved up for the HIIT class. After making our way to the middle of the tunnel, we warmed up and not too soon were we doing the hardcore HIIT session which wasn’t for the faint-hearted. That said, it was great to see a mixture of everyday athletes and more advanced athletes coming together for the event. At one point we paired up which brought a sense of community to the event. We were all very relieved when Lina took over because the Yoga served as a well-deserved cool down and the receival of an adidas Yoga mat was an added bonus. The tote bag that we also received for taking part will ensure that I will never forget this incredible, albeit gruelling, event from adidas UK and The Sports Edit."

Vanessa Keen, Head of Business Development and Marketing