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Frida Takeover John Lewis’ Oxford Street Atrium

As part of their conquest to become a go-to brand for mum and baby products in the UK, Frida has launched an impressive brand showcase in no other than JLP’s Oxford Street atrium. This fearless retail activation is exclusive to customers of John Lewis’ renowned flagship, and will only be available to visit until 30th September!

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This isn’t the first time that the US mum and baby brand has launched into John Lewis. Frida introduced its products to John Lewis customers for the first time with a nesting display table aimed at connecting the British customer with their realistic motherhood journey and range of innovative product solutions. Continuing their UK campaign, Frida once again invited D4R to deliver a daring-to-be-different retail activation in John Lewis that would further drive brand awareness using the brand’s unique, no-nonsense tone-of-voice; create affinity through connecting with and offering reassurance to parents; and increase product desire through an elevated display that showcases the brand’s hero products.

Retail Store Design
A no-nonsense graphics & communication strategy


Before drawing up the visuals and refining the creative concept, it was important that we undertook a number of investigations to fully establish the overarching mood direction, material story, communication strategy and context imagery, for a premium brand showcase and category design execution.

A blue, stand-out 3D logo establishes a clear brand presence, whilst “mum” and “baby” callouts highlighting Frida’s core product categories. Brand photography showcasing real mums and babies in context is paired with engaging comms to align the products with the brand’s no-nonsense messaging, and shelf-edge features have been leveraged to callout Frida’s best-selling products and illustrate their helpful “5-step postpartum recovery regime”. Last but not least, we created a product focus area complete with clear acrylic podiums to showcase Frida’s hero mum and baby products.


The design of this Frida branded space was determined by a strict shopper hierarchy tailored towards the brand’s specific commercial objectives.

We attracted customers with confident brand messaging and a tone-of-voice that clearly communicates who Frida are to the customer. We connected customers to the mum and baby brand through emotive comms that reassure and resonate. We engaged customers through communicating product benefits and easy-to-understand graphic content. Finally, we guided customers to the available-to-buy boxed product found elsewhere in the store via easy product identification to covert product-browsing into product-purchasing!

Ideas made possible.