Evoking the Cali-mindset

Predominantly known for their Autumn/Winter essentials, UGG introduces a synonymous alternative to their ‘classic boot’.

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Here at D4R, we partnered with the brand to unveil The Golden collection in UK luxury retailers Selfridges and Flannels . By propelling the ‘Cali Mindset’ we championed a timeless sandal collection that is spring/summer ready and ‘feels like UGG’.

With adventure in mind, we collaborated with UGG to design and implement a premium space that brings their new collection to centre stage. To promote the ‘Goldenstar’ collection in an engaging and intrinsically UGG way, D4R set to disrupt the luxury retail environment. Challenging shopper expectations, we created a customer experience journey that attracts physical engagement and debunks product seasonality.

UGG exists to make self-expression comfortable for all


UGG’s brand identity led them to the conceptual idea of the ‘Cali Mindset’, a concept that focuses on cool vibes, self-expression and sustainability that isn’t constrained by a singular season. Changing perception of the brand, the collection disrupts the retail environment with an unexpected product with a comforting and familiar feel.

From escaping the norm to a juxtaposition of style, our design incorporated a cluster of ‘golden-hour’ gradient plinths and silver vinyl accents. Encouraging summer authentically and driving awareness to the warm weather offering, natural textures were celebrated to amplify the tactility of the concept, encouraging exploration and innovation. The plinths constructed from FSC Certified birch plywood, acted as a textural device with its intrinsic pattern complimenting the ombre print.

To emulate the look and feel of a ‘Californian beach’, three-dimensional grain-like surfaces acted as a bed for the shoe and a captivating, large scale illuminated roundel overlooked the space. Providing an inviting interactive moment, customers were encouraged to adjust the roundel’s colour temperature, mimicking the aesthetic tempo of a summer day.


The pop-up successfully redefined UGG as a multi-seasonal brand whilst celebrating their latest ‘Goldenstar’ collection in a way that stood out across footwear. Through a warm, inviting space we emphasised UGG’s vision and connected with the consumer on a new level that secured that Ugg feeling all year round.