Kwiksave Brand Identity

D4R have been working with Costcutter to bring back the Kwiksave name to the high street with the opening of the first all-new convenience format store in Broxtowe.

Now owned by Costcutter Supermarkets Group, the Kwiksave brand has evolved into a market-leading convenience offer and is part of the company’s three fascia convenience strategy. The new stripped back convenience format presents a quality retail environment for customers, whilst offering low prices and great value, heralding the beginning of a new-era for the famous high street brand.

The Kwiksave fascia is part of Costcutter Supermarkets Group’s four fascia convenience strategy – Kwiksave, Costcutter Premium Costcutter and now Mace – which provides retailers with a flexible option for their store and the world class support retailers have come to expect from Costcutter Supermarkets Group. Kwiksave delivers a quality retail product that is perfect for entrepreneurial retailers who are looking for flexibility, with a strong, recognisable brand that customers will resonate with.

The new black and red Kwiksave logo hints at the original brand’s colours, conveying a core value message whilst remaining instantly recognisable.   We added large emotive food photography to the exterior windows and the interior design was simple and uncluttered and got across the new retail branding nicely.  Having worked with Costcutter for the past year it’s great to see our work finally come to fruition!


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