It’s all in the detail… From a single piece of card to a crafted and highly engineered, standalone fixture, we create effective point of sale that drives sales. Whether our clients require a one-off solution or point of sale design for global rollout, as retail specialists, our team of multi-disciplined designers are skilled in creating bespoke Point Of Sale concepts, choosing materials and finishes that retain the integrity and values of your brand.

Hammonds: Branding

Hammonds are committed to an unrivalled design approach to fitted furniture, with every bespoke project occurring in-house at their Leicester workshop; driving them to coin the phrase ‘it’s just us from start to finish’. As they sought to revitalise their retail presence, it was this dedication to quality, control and personalised service which inspired our concept for the revamped .

Our design approach focused on all brand touchpoints, from the logo, typography and the tone of voice of the language, the colour palette and art direction of the new photograph, through to the layout of the new showroom concept. The addition of the ‘since 1926’ crest provides a seal of endorsement and authenticity, marking Hammonds’ 90 years of experience, whilst the refreshed retail palette and editorial narrative drive the modernisation of the brand.

The design heritage and traditional values of Hammonds, which are so important to the company, are reflected in the new identity, which has a contemporary, yet classic feel, worthy of a brand with Hammonds’ reputation.

Arlo & Jacob: Showroom Design

Whilst steeped in a rich history of craftsmanship, Arlo & Jacob have established themselves as a contemporary furniture brand, offering the very best in quality and endurance. They looked to reinvent their flagship showroom in Fulham, using the space to reflect their unrivalled heritage and distinguished brand voice; fuelling a more cohesive consumer experience.

From the quirks of ‘the best seat in the house’, to ‘made in Long Eaton’ and finally through to the impressive ‘lifetime guarantee’, our creative strategy ensures that each physical touchpoint in the showroom is an extension of the unique voice & offer from Arlo & Jacob. It’s the beauty of product imagery hanging effortlessly against the bold metalwork through to the visualisation studio filled with lush fabrics which tell the story; the final piece of the puzzle being the timber, supplied directly from the A&J warehouse in Long Eaton.

Individual room sets spark a sense of cosiness, the fabric studio is a journey of creative inventions and the friendly but firm graphic communication is reflective of A&J’s place in the market.

Houzz: Graphic Design

Following their very successful interiors pop-up at the start of the year (Houzz of 2018), Houzz were looking to replicate this first-hand connection with their customers with another immersive event to showcase their product and expertise; this time more focused around retail, driving on-site sales of the vast product range.

With this project blurring the lines between home interiors, immersive environments and shoppable moments, we began to curate a strategy which would harmonise all three elements into a week-long event. Apartment retail blended with assistive technology trends and finished with jewel-like interior spaces, the combination celebrating the juxtaposition of luxe interior design against the backdrop of industrial settings.

Thwarting the traditions of retail design, Houzz’ enviable, yet shoppable, room sets created a platform for interior design magic; ultimately driving sales and promoting those much needed real-time connections.