Behind every brand, we believe there is a story worth telling. And in a world where a brand’s purpose is as important as the product it sells, we are experts in understanding a brand’s narrative. We curate insight-led brand strategies to ensure that your brand is optimally positioned in its respective market, exposing your brand’s personality through image direction and tone of voice.

Victoria Leeds Shopping Centre

On behalf of Victoria Leeds Shopping Centre, we were commissioned by Beautiful Productions, a film and event production service company, to deliver an awe-inspiring, stand-alone Christmas window display with a captivating storytelling element. Located in the beautiful Victoria Quarter, the big reveal of this magical Christmas activation on the 19th November marked the first of a new tradition for the shopping centre—an annual Christmas window unveiling ceremony that children and adults of Leeds can look forward to year on year!

The display contained miniature models of iconic Leeds’ buildings in which you can peep inside the windows to see human silhouettes indulging in decadent Christmas celebrations. We further refined the concept to include explorable moments that both children and adults can discover, from animal-themed vignettes set in underground burrows and a festive train that travels through the playful presentation of recognisable architecture. Behind the temporary hoarding stood a whimsical Christmas display in a bespoke, free-standing window structure made up of charmingly-detailed dioramas ready to bring the joy of Christmas to shoppers of Leeds!



d4r were tasked to transform a semi-permanent space at the Lakeland store into an impressionable setting that would provoke a long-lasting awareness of the brand and understanding of its unique product offering. Putting the products centre stage and embracing the opportunity to educate shoppers about the benefits of SodaStream, we designed and implemented a concept space which would truly reinvigorate the brand. This brand and product marketing strategy would take on something of an empirical storytelling approach, layering an assortment of considered visual and interactive elements to inform and entertain.



Establishing themselves as the indispensable platform for interior design, Houzz decided to venture into physical retail; choosing to transform a derelict warehouse into an immersive, shoppable pop-up.

With this project blurring the lines between home interiors, immersive environments and shoppable moments, d4r curated a strategy which would harmonise all three elements into a week-long event. This combination celebrated a juxtaposition of luxe interior design against the backdrop of an industrial setting. Thwarting the traditions of retail design, Houzz’ enviable, yet shoppable, room sets told a compelling story and created a platform for interior design magic; ultimately driving sales and promoting those much-needed real-time connections.