March 16th, 2021

Lucy Mister

Insight article

What is a shop-in-shop? Why should you launch your brand in a multi-brand retailer? What are some factors to consider upon entering a multi-brand retailer?

Report contents

1.0 What is a shop-in-shop?
2.0 3 reasons to launch your brand in a multi-brand retail store
3.0 Entering a multi-brand retailer
4.0 Making the most of your shop-in-shop or branded space
5.0 Masters of the rollout
6.0 Refreshing your shop-in-shop or branded space



In this month’s insight report we take a closer look at the benefits of launching a shop-in-shop or branded space in a multi-brand retailer, some industry-specific multi-brand retailers and how they operate upon welcoming a SIS or branded space, some key areas of consideration when managing a SIS or branded space roll-out, and perhaps most importantly, how brands can make the most of their branded spaces or shop-in-shops by maximising their impact.


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