Pop-up Shops offer your customers something unique and different from their usual visit to a store. With years of experience in pop-up design, we are experts in designing unique brand experiences which create interest and raise awareness within new consumer groups and greater brand advocacy amongst your existing customers.

As part of your wider brand strategy, pop-ups give brands (and us!) the opportunity to be more flexible and to experiment. At d4r we create bespoke pop-up destinations that push the boundaries to surprise, engage and educate audiences, as well as creating hype.

Christian Louboutin: Harrods

Continuing our collaboration over the last two years with the iconic luxury brand, Christian Louboutin, we are delighted to have implemented two striking pop-up fixtures in key locations within Harrods, ready for re-opening day.

These abstract pop-ups are finished in premium satin steel with clean white brand illumination and bold disruptive colour pops in the form of high gloss spherical and conical shaped icons.

The smaller of the two pop-ups is located on the first floor directly outside the inwards facing lifts – making it the first thing that many shoppers see en route to browsing womenswear. The larger Christian Louboutin pop-up shop can be found on the second floor, nestled among other luxury fashion brands selling men’s apparel, footwear and accessories.

Houzz: Brand Activation

Following their very successful interiors pop-up at the start of the year (Houzz of 2018), Houzz were looking to replicate this first-hand connection with their customers with another immersive event to showcase their product and expertise; this time more focused around retail, driving on-site sales of the vast product range.

With this project blurring the lines between home interiors, immersive environments and shoppable moments, we began to curate a strategy which would harmonise all three elements into a week-long event. Apartment-retail blended with assistive technology trends and finished with jewel-like interior spaces, the combination celebrating the juxtaposition of luxe interior design against the backdrop of industrial settings.

Thwarting the traditions of retail design, Houzz’ enviable, yet shoppable, room sets created a platform for interior design magic; ultimately driving sales and promoting those much needed real-time connections.

Clarins: Pop-Up Event

Well established in the health, beauty and fragrance market, Clarins have captured the hearts and loyalty of millions. However, this doesn’t stop the brand consistently offering brand activations across the country, designed to entice and delight. Looking to both re-connect with their loyal consumers and welcome new buyers, the promotional spaces are overflowing with educational tips, quirky experiences and beautiful retail design.

From the thrill of the Clarins Carnival concept, designed to inject fun and games into the world of beauty, through to the educational platform for the Plants Our Science event, the brand activations create a sense of excitement and adventure for Clarins consumers. To coincide with the often quirky designs, consumer interaction is equally as important for the brand. Whilst the carnival sparked a not-so-subtle throwback to childhood funfairs, the foliage-focused event created a space for exploration of brand and product.

Whether you walk away after defeating hook a duck or armed with information on the beneficial ingredients in the beauty products, the Clarins promotional spaces are sure to leave consumers feeling excited by the brand and their dedication to health & beauty.

adidas: Pop-Up Shop

The Z.N.E hoodie is designed to optimise training and sportsmanship, blocking out any external distraction and maximising performance. The success of the Zero Negative Energy was unrivalled on social media, with platforms such as Snapchat capitalising on the buzz of the hoodie with a dedicated hoodie filter. Blurring the lines between online and offline, adidas chose a space in Old Street Station to launch a pop-up shop which would recreate the social buzz in a physical environment.

The heavy footfall of Old Street Station combined with Shoreditch’s dedication to exciting store concepts ensured that the Whatever It Takes pop-up was designed for success. Creating a suite of bespoke hardware, our implementation of the temporary retail space tells the story of a pivotal campaign for adidas and challenges consumers to get involved with the launch. As the hoodie dedicates itself to getting consumers into the zone, so does the pop up shop.

A launch event in place for just four short weeks, the pop-up attracted the attention of adidas fans looking to add to their collection, sports elite hoping to find focus or just intrigued passers-by.

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