We understand retail graphics, from category management and spatial graphics to wayfinding and navigation, not to mention front of store graphics that draw consumers into your store. Retail graphics can not only support your brand in telling its story at retail, but they are also highly effective at guiding shopping journeys and influencing buying decisions instore.



Size? collaborated with several sports and lifestyle brands including Nike’s Jordan, Puma, The North Face and Berghaus, to deliver individual bespoke room sets for the event. The festival allowed the Size? community to experience performances from a wide range of globally recognised artists to industry newcomers. As a long-standing client of ours, D4R were delighted to support Berghaus with both the creative direction and implementation of their branded room for the festival.

The creative vision explored a range of monochromatic concepts to promote brand awareness throughout the event. The bold yet minimalist look and feel consisted of striking typography, urban architecture, and aluminium features, resulting in an overarching industrial feel with a hint of futurism. Designed by our artworkers, the flooring used varying scales of the Berghaus logo, complemented by similar typographic-style panelling on the surrounding walls. To link the futuristic theme with the industrial environment, the ceiling featured suspended lightweight ducting, woven together for both effect and stability. This design feature became a key focal point of the space and proved even more impressive when the polychromatic UV lighting hit the aluminium material, reflecting light in a way which would set the mood for the event.



The notion of storytelling became the golden thread of our concept, creating a retail strategy which would reassert the brand as a leading sleep retailer. From the immediately noticeable comfort by colour through to the beautiful lifestyle imagery and soft tone of voice, the graphics palette is soft yet compelling against the backdrop of textured fret cut panels. Disrupting the traditional Dreams store, the new concept is one of indulgence, comfort and assertive brand story. Defined as their next generation store, the reinvented strategy for Dreams elevates the brand through the notion of storytelling through retail graphics, creating a welcoming environment and a platform for informed purchases.



Following our briefing to redesign Halfords’ Cycle Category, we were tasked to review and restructure messaging hierarchy, redesign all POS in the 26 individual cycling sub-categories, rework all high level and navigation communications, and execute the artworking of all elements, totalling 420 pieces of artwork across the one store. It was vital that our creative executions were concise and elementary, but above all, supportive of a persuasive and compelling customer journey. With Halfords’ existing POS and communications engendering a functional creative and tone-of-voice, we proposed that Halfords made their instore POS and communications work harder by adding an emotive layer that both incites and responds to the myriad of emotions that a customer might feel when making a purchase.

The Sports Edit


With a philosophy centred around careful curation, this boutique reflected the brands approach which is focused on athletic empowerment and crafting advice on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. We introduced the idea of a premium + industrial aesthetic, akin to the product range, to sit against the backdrop of the reinvented Victorian architecture. Stepping foot into the boutique, TSE-owned customer personas come to life; reflecting the brands dedication to empowering the athlete. The flagship is an evolving expression of brand values and personality which seamlessly connect between online and offline.