We are proud to have worked with some of the world’s largest and best loved brands across myriad sectors around the globe. And whether creating stores, concessions, branded spaces, pop-ups, point of sale or windows, our retail design bring brands to life through immersive physical experiences that engage your customers and create awareness among new audiences. From research, strategy and concept through to implementation, our expert teams work collaboratively with you, challenging the brief where necessary, sharing thoughts and ideas, so every opportunity is maximised.

Interior Store Design

We can help you to create an award-winning store design (we’ve done it before), from blue sky thinking to assisting you with every part of the design process, we expertly manage your project every step of the way, including technical development and full site works. Ensuring that brand, creative concept and architecture remain in perfect harmony, we seamlessly deliver creative visions through the construction phase of any new store design or refresh. Read More

Pop-ups & Temporary Spaces

Pop-ups offer your customers something unique and different from their usual visit to a store. With years of experience, we are experts in designing unique brand experiences which create interest and raise awareness within new consumer groups and greater brand advocacy amongst your existing customers.

As part of your wider brand strategy, pop-ups give brands (and us!) the opportunity to be more flexible and to experiment. At d4r we create bespoke pop-up destinations that push the boundaries to surprise, engage and educate audiences, as well as creating hype. Read More

Branded Spaces & Concessions

We have a great ability to understand brands and distill them into branded spaces and concessions that attract customers attention in multi-brand retail environments. From the smallest footprint of a single piece of furniture to a full-blown shop-in-shop, whatever and wherever the location, our design development team review the features and layout to optimise each space to create maximum standout for the brand in each setting, acting as brand-guardian for rollout, to ensure consistent delivery of the concept. Read More

VM & Window Displays

We create visually striking window displays which capture your customers' imagination and drive footfall in-store. Using shopper insights to understand your customers’ shopping missions and their flow around the store, we create bespoke solutions that embody the unique spirit of your brand and guide customers through the store, designing impactful VM to disrupt their journey and draw their attention to specific products and promotions. Read More

Point of Sale

It’s all in the detail… From a single piece of card to a crafted and highly engineered, standalone fixture, we create effective point of sale that drives sales. Whether our clients require a one-off solution or POS for global rollout, as retail specialists, our team of multi-disciplined designers are skilled in creating bespoke POS concepts, choosing materials and finishes that retain the integrity and values of your brand. Read More

Digital Integration

We work with you to create retail environments that truly integrate digital with the physical. From your brand’s online persona to digital interventions in-store, we take a holistic approach to create a unified and seamless experience that enriches and enhances their shopping journey and the customers relationship with your brand. Read More