We create comprehensive campaigns using our full range of in-house services, from shoot management for stellar visuals to creative communications that enhance your brand store’s windows, capturing the attention of passers-by. We craft original straplines and develop core creative that stands out amongst the crowd, generating vital consumer engagement.



We worked with ASICS' European team to create a standout campaign highlighting its reflective running collection. The campaign, "IT'S A BIG WORLD, GO RUN IT", included a range of POS collateral which focussed on ASICS' reflectivity callout to promote the brand's range of reflective running footwear and apparel. For the launch, several POS kits which included shoe risers, units, and window graphics, among others, were rolled out to sports retailers across the UK and Ireland.

adidas x Stella McCartney


adidas kicked off its September Elegance Campaign in style with the launch of its Stella McCartney Golden Ultraboost window take-over at Harrods, complete with engaging House of adidas Launch Zone. Excited to showcase its Stella McCartney Golden Ultra Boost as it marked the start of Harrods’ Elegance Campaign, adidas worked with d4r to take over the largest window on Hans Crescent. Visually striking, yet elegant, adidas told a compelling story, using contemporary movement to really bring the story to life. In addition to a cognizant and dynamic window, d4r produced a strong, attention grabbing launch zone that would show-off the new golden shoe’s undisputed authority and elegance.



Working with the toolkit provided by Vans, we created a window concept that can be found in three Vans stores in central London: Carnaby Street, Camden and Covent Garden. Inspired by the relaxed and irreverent spirit of the brand, an eclectic mix of large and small graphic imagery of the print campaign sits alongside brand messages, signatures and iconography. Playing with scale, a giant hand appears to dangle a huge pair of Vans Era shoes in front of passers-by and is guaranteed to raise a smile! Working in close collaboration with Vans, we developed a window concept that would maximise impact at minimal expense. Our technical studio crafted picket signboards out of inexpensive materials to reflect the honesty and authenticity of the brand, and this framing device became core to the concept.

Retail Rituals

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