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The Sports Edit

The Sports Edit has established itself as the leading retail destination for premium, stylish and high performance sportswear. Nick Paulson Ellis, founder of TSE, originally set out to create this first multi-brand, multi-channel active wear retailer, offering curated edits of the finest sportswear from across the globe. However, since its beginnings three years ago, the brand has become more than the supply of a premium sportswear product, it also offers an edited lifestyle. With their digital platforms supplying content directly from the T.S.E team and its ambassadors on everything from yoga advice to clean eating to sustainable sportswear, their approach to retail is a holistic one, focused on athletic empowerment.

With a philosophy centred around careful curation, the brand new boutique needed to reflect the brands particular approach which is focused on athletic empowerment and crafted advice on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. ‘Industrial luxe’ quickly became the golden thread inspiring the design for this flagship. We introduced the idea of a premium + industrial aesthetic, akin to the product range, to sit against the backdrop of the reinvented Victorian architecture. Stepping foot into the boutique, TSE-owned customer personas come to life; reflecting the brands dedication to empowering the athlete through sustainable sportswear and knowledgeable guidance.The flagship is a modern take on what a flagship should be – a dynamic, physical but evolving expression of brand values and personality.

Shoebox NY

Committed to fashion and offering a plethora of premium brands in-store, Shoebox maintain a loyal consumer base whom trust their service, quality and reliability. With this store set within a renowned Kuwait mall, the expectations became particularly higher, with residents of the area choosing malls for recreational activity, dwell time and luxury experiences.

Our concept focused on sleek minimalism, allowing for the premium product range to gleam against the muted white backdrop and marble-backed fixtures. A custom-made dusky pink sofa sits centre stage beneath an unassuming cluster hanging filament lights, both a recognition of hard-hitting fashion trends. A flaunt of femininity adorns the back of the store, with neon pink call-outs and hand-drawn sketches of fashionista’s.

A radical alteration of the store front introduces Shoebox NY as part of the 360 Mall like never before, delineating the brand as a luxury shopping experience.

Too Faced

Instantly recognised by their playful branding and quirky product names, the physical manifestation of Too Faced could not be anything less than characterful. As the first UK flagship, the store would not only draw the attention of committed fans but become the educational playground for newcomers; directing us towards a strategy centred around storytelling and indulgent in-store experiences.

Our concept became a juxtaposition of styles and textures, with a bit of ‘what the..?’ thrown in. It’s the subtlety of the Parisian townhouse meeting the Californian cool of Too Faced HQ, with the exuberance and glamour of the TF founders in the mix. Against the calm palette of pink and gold, the sequin selfie wall, the decadent chocolate palette and the almost loveable sweet peach stand out to delight and surprise. Disruptive from start to finish, just like the revered brand.

Opening its doors within the vibrancy of Carnaby street, the store broke all records for an opening day on this street, capturing the hearts of many avid Too Faced fans.