December 15th, 2023

The impact of a window.

In this article, we’ll be discussing:

  • Five benefits of investing in exceptional window design
  • The importance of visual merchandising in retail
  • Different approaches to window displays

[Photography: Michal Podrucki]

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

This saying holds true in retail, too, and window displays are crucial for several reasons as they serve multiple functions that contribute to a store’s overall success. Often, this part of store design can be overlooked, but window displays and retail visual merchandising are as important as the interior conceptual design. As well as being able to set the tone for the entire shopping experience, below we have outlined five key benefits of investing a stella window design.

#1 Demanding attention

Windows are the first point of contact between a store and potential customers. They have the power to capture attention and draw people into the store. A well-designed and eye-catching shop window display can stop passers-by in their tracks and entice them to explore what the store has to offer.


#2 Showcasing Seasonality

Window displays are an effective way to showcase key products, new arrivals, and seasonal items. Windows is the easiest way to do that, which is especially important when it comes to seasonal displays. This allows retailers to tap into key holidays and festivals celebrated by their customers throughout the year, which helps to create deeper connections.


#3 Brand Identity

Window displays can contribute to building and reinforcing a store’s brand identity. The visuals, colours and themes in the display can help customers associate a certain look or aesthetic with a brand and allow a brand to be instantly recognisable on the high street.


#4 Encouraging Impulse

A well-executed window display can stimulate impulse purchases. By presenting products in an exciting way, retailers can inspire their customers to make unplanned purchases and increase basket spend once inside the store, especially if the items are displayed in an aspirational manner.


#5 Standing Out

In a competitive retail landscape, it’s important for stores to stand out. A distinctive and memorable window display can help a store differentiate itself from competitors and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Types of window displays

Different brands require different approaches to window displays, depending on their market level, locality, and wider campaign or retail strategy. The question brands should ask themselves before looking to design a shop window display is the first budget: what can I realistically achieve, and how do I make the most of the budget I have? How big is the allocated space; do I need to demand a larger area or strategically make use of a smaller space? Where is the store; do I need to rely on lots of natural lighting on a high street, or is it within a department store?

These are all questions we can help brands answer when they are unsure where to start. Window displays can often be characterised into three approaches…


This approach to visual merchandising goes beyond traditional retail setups and often utilises oversized props and exaggerated elements to create captivating experiences. These types of displays are designed to tell a story, evoke emotion, and engage the audience in a more artistic manner. The goal is to turn the window into a stage where the products are part of the larger narrative or theme. Often, with theatrical windows, the aim is not purely commercial but instead creating memorable moments for their customers.


Graphic windows refer to a technique where images and other visual elements are used to create a compelling campaign. This is a more simplistic approach to window design and works perfectly for those brands looking to achieve a more minimalistic aesthetic. Retail graphics are a great way to introduce seasonal campaigns without committing to an entirely new design or visual retail branding.


With advancements in technology and customers growing up in a digital age, digital window campaigns are becoming more popular. This refers to the use of digital screen which showcases dynamic and interactive content. Their ability to attract attention, convey information effectively and quickly as well as creating engaging and visual experiences is unmatched. AR has had a part in recent digital displays that allow images to expand beyond a building or space. Digital windows are also a great way to connect customers to in store displays by being the first moment in their shopping journey.

Ideas Made Possible

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