December 12th, 2019

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Christmas 2019

Despite our countryside location, collectively, we cover a lot of ground in London on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Whilst en route to sites and meetings, we are typically documenting retail design discoveries in the Capital to share with the rest of the team. With new Christmas-themed designs popping up daily throughout November and December, our marketing team have been particularly happy to receive a stream of photos and videos to share with our connections across the platforms.

Liberty London, Regent Street

Liberty London is defying the old age tradition of displaying a typical fir Christmas tree and has instead chosen to decorate and display a floating velvet bonsai, complete with real reindeer moss.

Hanging in the centre of this iconic building, the bonsai has been decorated with large baubles and gifts, as well as the odd exotic animal. Its charm is owed to a poem by Gabrielle Djanogly, ‘The Tree of Liberty’, and its magnificence to its colours, materials, detail, size and positioning.

Tiffany & co perfume in snow globe

Tiffany & Co., Covent Garden

Tiffany & Co. has created its very own Winter Wonderland, bringing elements of a New York style Christmas to the streets of London with blue and white gifts stacked high, Christmas trees dusted with snow, a replica of the iconic Central Park bridge, and a four foot snow globe containing a giant perfume bottle representing Tiffany & Co’s Eau de Parfum.

More than just an instagrammable display, this branded space invites you to skate for free on a fully functioning ice rink, all whist breathing in the aromas of Tiffany & Co.’s Eau de Parfum which is being dispersed into the air for full brand immersion.

Tiffany & Co boxes in a display of central park
Chanel Number 5 digital integration with product

CHANEL, Harrods

Framed with traditional Christmas wreaths, Chanel’s bright red lettering contrasts perfectly against the white backdrops of these Harrods’ windows. Snow-covered floors, all-white giant perfume bottles, and presents wrapped neatly in black, white and gold, exude luxury. Traditional fir trees lift the Christmas spirit of passers-by while large gift boxes positioned high and low reveal bottles of CHANEL No5 L’eau, incorporating movement into an otherwise motionless and serene window display conveying the perfect Christmas.

Channel Visual Merchandise in shop window
Hamley's window display at christmas

Hamleys, Regent Street

Expecting nothing less, Hamleys have gone all out with their Christmas displays, inside and out. Left to glow in the night, their windows are visually striking and tell a compelling Christmas story.

Lancôme's Eiffel Tower at St Pancras station

Lancôme, St Pancras

A beacon for their nearby pop-up shop, Lancôme’s giant Eiffel Tower quite ironically welcomes tourists and commuters to London. Pink on pink and wrapped in a ribbon, this impressive monument inside St Pancras offers a dramatic and exciting change to the environment for seasoned commuters and the perfect photo opportunity for tourists. #StPancrasXLancome


“Happiness is


Cartier shop with Christmas decorations

Cartier, Bond Street

Unsure as to whether to read too much into Cartier’s external décor (Is the bow merely a reference to Christmas or does it imply that Cartier is one big gift?), this store is certainly impressive and one that stands out on a street of retail design superiority.

Stella McCartney's flagship store

Stella McCartney, Bond Street

Equally as impressive is Stella McCartney’s store front, littered with colourful lights powered by recycled energy. Solidifying the Christmas theme, this window display is a perfectly organised mess, featuring Christmas trees, stars and holly outlined with bright lights, matching the colours above. Splashes of colour from the outside have been brought into the store’s interior, creating a seamless journey of design for Stella McCartney’s high-end clientele.

Christmas is just a small chapter in this wider novel of a store which we had the opportunity to read following our exclusive tour by VM Manager, Ryan Villaneuva – more on this to come!

Stella Mccartney Window display