We have a great ability to understand brands and distil them into branded spaces and concessions that attract customers attention in multi-brand retail environments. From the smallest footprint of a single piece of furniture to a full-blown shop-in-shop, whatever and wherever the location, our retail design and development team review the features and layout to optimise each space to create maximum standout for the brand in each setting, acting as brand-guardian for rollout, to ensure consistent delivery of the concept.

SodaStream: Concept Space

Design4Retail were tasked by SodaStream to transform the space into an impressionable setting that would provoke a long-lasting awareness of the brand and understanding of its unique product offering among shoppers of the Lakeland Flagship.

Putting the products centre stage and embracing the opportunity to not only educate shoppers about the benefits of SodaStream but also to create an engaging shopper experience filled with moments of interaction and immersion, we went on to design and implement a concept space which would truly reinvigorate the brand. This brand and product marketing strategy would take on something of an empirical storytelling approach, layering an assortment of considered visual and interactive elements to inform and entertain passing customers.

Highlighting the brand’s hero products, which include a line-up of Sparkling Water Makers, gas cylinders (that can be exchanged in store), flavours, and a ‘My Only Bottle’, we identified three key areas which encompass the spirit of the brand and expose its benefits for both the consumer and for the planet: “Hydration”, “Flavour”, and “Sustainability”.

adidas: Shop in Shop

With a vision to change the way in which athletic apparel is designed + purchased, adidas consistently strive to set new standards of retail experience, both online and offline. Their House of adidas space within Harrods is iconic for the brand, remarkable not only for its sizable location on the 5th floor of a prestigious department store, but its beautifully crafted retail design.

Wholly invested in the adidas, Harrods allocated the largest athletic apparel space to the brand as part of the 5th floor renovation. With this encouragement from the prestigious department store, our concept focused on this amplification of the adidas brand, even removing the ceiling and perimeter walls and re-instating them to ensure the maximum amount of space could be utilised. Within the enormous branded space, the consumer journey is a clearly at the core of the design concept. From adidas originals footwear through to women’s athleisure, and everything in-between, each area emits its own personality; sparking awareness and inviting interaction with each product.

A clever mix of navigation, key product features and digital integration creates a powerful amplification of adidas within Harrods 5th floor. The increased branded space is just one example of the power they hold in sports retail, unifying a vast range of adidas products.

Charlotte Tilbury: Branded Space

Understanding the fluidity of retail trends, Charlotte Tilbury stay one step ahead of the market; delighting their followers with pop-ups, events and exciting social media content. Hollywood Lips was just one of the thrilling campaigns to be launched, inspired by the ‘timeless glamour of the silver screen starlets’ but created for everyone.

With a concept centralised around Hollywood glamour, we developed a retail design identity which would take visitors on a journey to stardom. The pop-up is a blend of dazzling Hollywood lighting, opulent rich shades of burgundy and pink with moments of glamour thrown in. Subtlety is left at the door, as Tilbury fans take their seat at a chair usually reserved for the Hollywood elite; immersing themselves in the glory of Hollywood Lips.

As they continue their journey to cosmetic stardom, the brand masters the art of pop-up promotional spaces to inspire and delight. Just like Hollywood, this pop-up was the place to be. Taking over Selfridges London for just a week, it stole the limelight (and the hearts of Tilbury fans) with its ultra-glam aesthetic.

Reebok: Shop in Shop

As the nostalgic brand make their comeback across the globe, Reebok have stormed the UK market with their newly developed Drydock concept, most recently introduced to Harrods department store. Looking to convey their expertise as fitness and lifestyle brand, the concept for the shop-in-shop focused on amplifying Reebok with bold, emphatic retail design.

With our experience working in London’s most prestigious department store and House of adidas under our belts, we became the technical developers and principle contractors for Reebok’s first ever branded space in Harrods. Sitting central to the space, the unmistakable Reebok logo illuminates the shop-in-shop and creates a showcase of the central cluster of mannequins. This is just the first instance of powerful lighting, as the cool LED lighting provides an open, airy aesthetic to the shop-in-shop as well as an impactful footwear wall. It is this refined pallet of cool lighting, timber cross rails and beautiful lifestyle imagery which conveys the brands dedication to fitness, not forgetting the callouts to the brands history with an area dedicated to Reebok classics.