July 12th, 2015

Design 4Retail

Branded spaces have become more and more prominent in the retail industry but with a bigger message lying behind the brand now, in this case, it’s sustainability.

Form room have created a stylish activation area on the fourth floor H&M’s Flagship store on Oxford Street. It is a reactivation of H&M’s conscious brand message; reminding the customers of their ‘closed-loop’ ethos creating sustainable and environmentally conscious fashion.

H&M Branded Space in store H&M Branded Space in store H&M world map on wall

The space is minimal using a small palette of colours and finishes, focusing on interaction and media to aid portraying the brand message. A simple floor vinyl is used to illustrate the closed-loop path for customers to follow, navigation them to different touchpoints including an illuminated world map to portray the transport message.

From touch screens to a video wall to a live social media feed, customers are encouraged to interact with the brand to learn about their values.

A bespoke ‘selfie booth’ has been designed for customers to take pictures and share on social media tagged with #Hmclosetheloop for them to have a chance at winning a prize.

Clothes are suspended from simple frames and ripped up unwanted garments are threaded into hexagonal mounts to create an impactful central installation.

H&M Digital intergration in store

For competitive fashion brands, differentiating themselves is more important than ever; with customer experience becoming the essential tool in retail design, technology and interaction are key.

Additionally, a brand showing the customer how they have strong brand ethics and attention to environmental challenges create a stronger emotional connection between the customer and the brand, this is something that often influences purchases today.

H&M have addressed these key evolving retail principles in order to create brand extension and to show that they are more than just a high street fashion brand.

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