February 18th, 2024

Rosie Preston-Cary

Insight article

In volatile economic times, brands must work harder than ever to gain the attention, affinity and spend of their consumers.

In ‘Subvert/Conform’ we’ll be discussing the emerging themes that are shaping the future of 2D brand design and 3D environment design.

Many of the trends we have witnessed emerging have an opposite, a counterpart that is its antithesis, and these ‘design dualities’ is precisely what our latest insight report explores. Delving into these dualities is not merely about style; its’s decoding the unspoken conversation of fractured communities, seeking pathways for bridge building through forms that reflect our division.

In our latest insight report we outline economic and societal viewpoints and how these divides are mirrored in design through 2D and 3D examples.

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