December 13th, 2023

Introducing ‘Glossier you.’

A fragrance designed only with base notes to enhance the personal skin scent, allowing more of ‘you’ to shine through.

[Image Credit: Henry Bourne]

*Spoiler Alert*

This interactive pop-up is open until 14th January, which I would definitely recommend visiting but for those who won’t be able to make it during this busy festive period, here’s a snapshot…

In celebration of Glossier’s new and only perfume, the beauty brand has opened an immersive pop-up named ‘Realms of you’ on London’s bustling Regent Street to promote the launch. To add a sense of mystery and intrigue, the exterior of the pop-up store design showcases a single glossy mannequin-style hand enveloped in a festive red stage curtain, adding to the theatrics of the event. This window offers passersby a glimpse of the product and entices customers in to explore the world of ‘Glossier you.’.

Much like how fragrances form unique memories, and this scent famously smells different on everyone, this is what inspired Kendall Latham with this experience: a pop-up that is designed to be enjoyed uniquely by everyone. An ASMR-inspired journey that’s guaranteed to pique one of your senses.

[Image Credit: Henry Bourne]

As you walk through the red frosted glass doors, visitors are greeted with the pop-up’s first of the three rooms. This dimly lit space centred around our sense of touch provides the opportunity to get well acquainted with Glossier’s scent-based products, including the perfume itself. The softly spoken Glossier actor then guided us to our second room, known as ‘the dreamy’.

Here, the senses of sound and sight are heightened through an ASMR-inspired video exploring the products from the previous room through snappy clips and mood lighting. In the centre of the room is a larger-than-life replica of the creative product packaging design, acting as a sculptural seat to enjoy the cinematography. Much like this product, the entirety of the collection is a piece of art in its own right and is worthy of being kept as décor post-use.

[Image Credit: Henry Bourne]

The final room, and my personal favourite, titled ‘real life’ houses six booths to enhance visitors’ sense of touch – and if they’re lucky – taste. Within each of the booths, are a pair of real-life gloved hands each with a different personality. Shake the hand in front of you and a journey will unfold that highlights one of the new products. Adjacent to the booths is a selection of Glossier merch including a Glossier pepper grinder you never knew you needed, a miniature microphone or the Glossier you. scent.

[Image Credit: Henry Bourne]

As the experience ends, visitors are guided down a distorted hallway, finishing with a selfie mirror to capture the moment, staying true to Glossier style. This is the only moment visitors are encouraged to take photos to ensure the full sensory benefits are gleamed through the ‘realms of you’ journey. This intimate pop-up, limited to six people at a time, takes you on an exclusive peek into the Glossier brand and deconstructs the signature scent that feels personal and curated.

[Image Credit: Henry Bourne]