June 11th, 2024

Cara Turnbull

Community creates a new sense of purpose; unite & reconnect.

Brand community often refers to the passion and interest consumers share in response to a retailer and their brand world. As modern consumers, we crave experiences that ignite our senses and immerse us, whilst providing opportunity to share them with like-minded individuals. Throughout this article, we explore how retail holds the key to creating accessible experiences that foster community.

 A hub of connection

Through blurring the lines of retail with hospitality and entertainment, it is possible to create a hyperphysical space that engages and informs a brand community. Retailers that facilitate innovative touchpoints provide spaces full of authenticity, allowing for consumers to collate their own thoughts and opinions. Even though there may not be an instant increase of sales, the deeper emotional connection that the interaction allows will in turn, translate into customer conversion.

Understanding your consumer and prioritising authentic storytelling, can leverage communities and bring them together. By hosting exclusive events and store takeovers that prioritise the consumer, tailors the shopping experience with elements of interaction. Uplifting the bricks and mortar not only amplifies the brand identity but generates a hub for connection, creating a place where like-minded individuals can connect and celebrate their similarities, reigniting our love for the physical world and making consumers feel like a priority.

[Image Credit – pureseoul]


Upon launch of the gaming paradise situated in Dortmund, Basestack has become home to a multifunctional space that welcomes communities from all over and allows for like-minded individuals to connect. Exploring the world of Esports, the visually disruptive store features a streaming arena, production studio, gaming café, shop and 150 high-tech gaming pods.

Supporting BaseStack in the execution allowed us to dive deeper into community tribes and understand the personalities involved within the gaming landscape. Through providing a concise customer experience strategy, we were able to help Basestack find the opportunity to deliver workspaces that fosters community, enhances productivity, and promote innovation.

Since our completion of the retail guidelines, the experiential retailer has used the space to host competitions, gaming festivals and provide flexi-working spaces. It elevates the gaming experience, not only with cutting-edge gaming equipment but with an un-matched community essence.


As their first appearance in physical retail, Myprotein wanted to trial a pop-up space that would develop, evolve, and amplify their existing brand identity. With a mission to empower health movement, we designed a ‘Grab & Go’ kitchen for Myprotein that ensured a defined focus on health and wellness. Featuring a social community area and a place to recycle Myprotein packaging, the multifunctional space provides customers with a place to unwind, work and connect.

From initially launching the space with a PR event, the brand has continued to keep their consumers engagement through their brand-new Instagram page, @myproteinkitchen. The account dives into the world of nutrition, exploring new and innovative meals for those wanting that feel-good health kick.

The brand uses the destination as a marker for their sponsored move and run club. Whilst they build on creating a community around healthy movement, the brand supplies freebies, such as high protein snacks to attendees to encourage participation and to help them refuel.

Where fitness meets flavour, the launch of the iconic partnership with Iced coffee brand Jimmy’s, saw ‘gym-fluencers’ Mckenna Crisp and Sam McCarthy making an appearance at the store. To promote the partnership, the store takeover involved a life-size, drivable ‘Jimmy’s can’ and a branded vending machine, supported through an iconic social media campaign. Transforming the space into an immersive retail experience allowed the brand to connect with their consumers on a new level.

[Image Credit – Myprotein]


As the UK’s new home for Korean beauty, pureseoul has continued to provide a playful and inviting store for beauty enthusiasts. Through delivering a hub of expertise and knowledge that celebrates an extensive range of Korean beauty brands, customers are travelling from afar to experience the world of pureseoul.

In the past few months, we have seen pureseoul host the first UK fan meeting for renowned Korean Beauty influencer Eunice Cho (@EuniUnni) as well as a rejuvenating Vitamin-themed PR party. By hosting the K-beauty celebrity, the brand opened their offerings with an exclusive Q&A, beauty advice and one-of-a-kind gifts presenting K-beauty enthusiasts with a memorable experience they could not refuse.

From influencer store takeovers to PR parties, the fun never ends. Showcasing their latest signings of Torriden, Lador and Hanskin, each event sees the store transformed with branded graphics, unmissable displays and customised treats for all. With queues flowing from the store, the launches saw an influx in sales. As a retailer who priorities community, pureseoul are continuing to utilise their space to enhance physical engagement and host exclusive events.

[ Image Credit – pureseoul]

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