March 24th, 2020

Design4Retail's debut at the
World’s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair

Arriving in Düsseldorf, our marketing and new business team headed straight for Messe-Düsseldorf to put the finishing touches to the stand. Everything had fallen into place and we were ready for our debut at the world’s no. 1 retail trade fair thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication from each and every department at D4R in the weeks leading up to the event.

This collaborative approach is what makes us so effective as an agency and it was an honour for us to apply the approach to our very own project – designing, developing, project managing and installing a stand which was simple in layout, considered in design and bold in presence, receiving a plethora of compliments over the five days.

Sitting just on the edge of the Store Design and Shop Fitting hall, just metres away from the Designer Village, the location of our stand was perfect in the sense that it defined our position in the industry with regard to the comprehensive set of services that we offer.

A gathering place for brands, retailers, suppliers and industry peers alike, our business development team were in their element at the stand, whilst our Trends and Insight team perused the halls, attending talks as and when they happened.

It was great to be joined by further members of the D4R family over the course of the event, with our core EuroShop team welcoming the support. At one point, we were lucky enough to have all three directors on the stand at this colossal trade fair – a photo opportunity we just couldn’t miss.

defining our position in the industry
D4R Team at EuroShop 2020
D4R Stall at EuroShop 2020

Whether it was showcasing a particular case study, presenting an innovation or sharing industry observations and research, the presentation talks at EuroShop provided vital takeaways which we will be focusing on and incorporating into our strategies in the coming months – and sharing with you in our insight reports going forward.

From talking about ‘stuffocation’ and ‘edutainment’ to ‘third places and ‘lifestyle sceneries’, below is just a handful of presentation talks that we attended:

_Using The Entire Retail Store As A Canvas For Content
_Restoring The Customer Soul Through Micro-moments Of Experience
_The Green Footprint In The Store – Responsible Use Of Materials
_Retail Isn’t Dead – Innovative Strategies For Brick & Mortar Retail Success
_How To Build An Engaging Brand In The New Era Of Experience
_Flexible Spaces For New Retail
_Creating A Transformational New Store Concept
_Disrupting In The Age Of Disruption
_Designing The Right Retail Space

vital takeaways
Pink columns at EuroShop 2020
Cardboard cut outs at retail trade fair
Branded retail store
building a retail trade fair
Branded retail store design


Attending the EuroShop party on the evening of the penultimate day of the show which had a closer resemblance to a convention than a party, we were surrounded by food vans offering street food from several corners of the world, retro arcade games and unique design elements representing the personality of EuroShop and its enthusiasm for the future of retail and retail design.

Visual lighting experience at euroshop 2020
Food van at euroshop 2020

There are some very exciting times ahead for physical retail and it is trade shows like these which really do make the vision of ‘the store of the future’ come to fruition not in two, five or ten years’ time, but today.

Having had time to digest the influx of information that we engulfed on our exhibition at EuroShop and sharing this information with our Trends and Insight team back at the office, Design4Retail are in full-swing, creating original content for brands and retailers that not only owe support to the future of retail, but invent it.