May 15th, 2019

Design 4Retail

Insight article

"The buzzy wellness trend has not only taken over our lives, but will continue to dictate how, when and why we shop."

No longer limited to the idea of being fit, the concept of wellness now refers to the physical, emotional and mental approach to wellbeing. In fact, the trend has almost become a kind of religion for many individuals, sending them on a journey towards achieving the greatest ‘self’; inclusive of healthier, happier and balanced lifestyles. It is this dedication to individual empowerment which has seen us placing more value on activities, products and events which promote a sense of holistic wellness.

As the subject of wellness becomes a conscious decision and we begin to prioritise this over materialism, we see the retail landscape begin to blur the lines between retail, leisure, lifestyle and wellbeing. Nowadays, even the simplest of purchases are dictated by the newfound wellness philosophy…

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