April 27th, 2020


Insight article

On Re-opening Retail


As consumer behaviours change and social distancing becomes a built in habit, we believe that customers will expect brands and retailers to provide a service that both assists and reassures them as they learn what is their new normal.

The entire customer journey will need to be re-imagined, from entrance and navigation, to store layout, payment methods, and even staff interaction. The number one agenda for customers will be protecting themselves and others. Future retail spaces will need to be designed so as to care for the needs of the customer, ensuring their ability to shop safely, including considerations as to how staff can serve safely.

In this Insight Report, we explore how retail agility can assuage customer fear in an age of uncertainty. We will also discuss the different facets of retail post-pandemic and how brands could react to, and own, new required processes to support customers and kick-start sales, including:

_1 Interaction–free service.
_2 Payment methods
_3 Social distancing
_4 Store layout
_5 Sanitisation
_6 Store policy
_7 In-store campaigns
_8 Interior materials spec

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