June 9th, 2020

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On re-opening beauty

The intimate and experiential nature of beauty retail means that there is a great deal to consider in terms of re-imagining the customer journey and using agile retail to alleviate customer fear in an age of uncertainty. Our exploration into the possible futures of retail in a post-pandemic world has led us to believe that the temporary measures that we are seeing currently will ultimately have to evolve into a longer-term solution that better meets the forever needs of customers whose number one agenda will be to protect themselves and others.

Through innovation and ingenuity, the beauty industry can be the sector that shines the way forward. Where some see a roadblock to conducting business, we see a new doorway opening. With collaboration between design partners, manufacturing suppliers, brands and consumers, we can not only get back to a sense of acceptable normality but bring back the joy of first-hand shopping and brand experiences.

In our latest insight report, we explore the possible pathways for retailers and beauty brands re-opening during today’s landscape by discussing the top 10 considerations to be had by beauty brands and retailers when it comes to re-engaging with customers in the physical realm of retail, including:

_1         Interaction-free service
_2         The new ‘hygiene’
_3         The future of testers
_4         Shopping by appointment
_5         Informed decision making
_6         Virtual consultation
_7         Reconnecting the community
_8         Re-inventing packaging
_9         A.I beauty
_10       Non-mission shopping

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