July 15th, 2019

Design 4Retail

As they grow exponentially within sportswear retail, Under Armour choose to elevate their physical presence.

Our technical design team quickly began to redesign a soft kit of parts, providing a solution which would elevate the brand presence within JD stores, whilst being easy to install, cost effective and easily flexed. This would include the update of both menswear and womenswear locations, creating impactful launch zones and windows to bolster the Under Armour brand in-store.

Most importantly, when strategising the elevation of the brand, was to consider improved visual merchandising and better lighting of product, with the aim of delivering a significant increase in sales of Under Armour product. Both the menswear and womenswear zones are indicative of this strengthened concept, utilising powerful lighting against the deep grey hues of the metalwork and pops of red.

Within the JD Liverpool One flagship store, Under Armour extended their brand presence via a launch zone, taking over a prime location on the first floor. Such as the permanent fixtures, this launch area was designed to drive brand awareness throughout JD. However, the hotspot also fuelled the potential impulse shopper to purchase Under Armour as they visited the store.

Even with its differences in build, the launch zone was reminiscent of the permanent fixtures and was just as modular; allowing for easy installation and reuse at future locations. In Liverpool alone, the launch zone made significant brand impression and incremental sales over a five week period.

We worked with both Under Armour and JD to design a flexible window display system, driving the branded impact from the very forefront of the store. The launch of the system coinciding with Under Armour ambassador, Anthony Joshua’s heavy weight fight on the 22nd September 2018, resulting in the window displays emphasising the relationship between brand and reputable sportsman.


As principle designers for this window system, we also provided point of sale materials to be utilised within the windows, as well as in-store. This marketing activation was implemented across a multitude of stores; including 15 special execution windows with a bespoke design and installation.