Retail Design telling A cohesive brand story

July 11th, 2024

Cara Turnbull

“Your brand is not what you sell; it’s the experience you deliver”

As more brands begin to see the value of physical retail, we are seeing an increase in retailers making their debut on the Highstreet. Whether that’s whole stores, branded spaces or pop-ups, it’s important that we recognise the key factors to what makes it successful. In this blog we take a deep dive into some of the success stories and explore how the most prominent brands have achieved a cohesive brand story.

Refy Cohesive Brand Story

How do we reflect our brands in a way that’s fitting?

To ensure your audience feels valued and prioritised, it’s essential to align your brand with your consumers. Reflecting on your brand and motivations helps refine your strategy, allowing you to revisit and clarify your brand’s goals, ultimately creating a cohesive visual concept that supports all aspects of your brand.

For example, integrating digital elements and components of exploration can generate a new depth of interaction with your products and build stronger advocacy. Throughout this article we explore how cohesiveness makes a brand trustworthy. From the tone of voice to your visual aesthetic, every fine detail affects how you engage with your consumer. Reflecting the true brand personality across all platforms, can increase your recognisability and generate more traction towards your brand, increasing engagement authentically.



Committed to creating products and a community that inspire you to be your most confident self, REFY was established in 2020 to simplify beauty. Leading the industry with Vegan, cruelty and fragrance-free collections, they are an inclusive brand for all skin tones and types.

As they embarked on their physical retail journey earlier this year, REFY have opted for a clean, minimalistic aesthetic that reflects their current stance. ‘The Exhibition’ pop-up in London’s Covent Garden was an immersive experience which invited guests into an ‘exploration of the human form and the concept of you as art’. Reimagined with a room full of mirrored objects, from coffee cups to accessories, the meticulous display empowered attendees to be their most confident self by celebrating beauty and sharing a journey of wearable art and innovation.


Fast-forward to now, REFY has made its debut within the Selfridges estate. From Oxford Street to the Trafford centre, the REFY experience has been elevated to create more opportunities for their community. Offering a space where consumers can play and experiment with the products, they have successfully delivered a community first space that welcomes anyone and everyone. Realised with a modular and flexible concept, the space encapsulates the fundamentals of an on-the-go lifestyle as easy to use and multifunctional, simplistic and efficient.


Gentle Monster, a premium eyewear brand, is renowned for its avant-garde designs, customisation and high-quality craftmanship. On their latest collaboration with Korean singer, Jennie Kim, they build on themes of nostalgia. Whilst tapping into fantasy, escapism and magic through supporting animations and unboxing videos, the supporting campaign showcases the versatility of each product. Exploring the interchangeable lenses and personalisation of charms, the ‘Jentle Salon’ collection consists of 8 eyewear designs and 11 charms, providing consumers with a sense of Jennie’s playful style and the ability to live out their imaginations on a whole new level.

Featuring in 13 pop-up stores globally, each space carefully explores the world of gentle fashion. With the help of a pink fluffy unicorn mascot, the character demonstrates how each charm has a multifunctional use of also performing as hair and clothing accessories. Further reinforced by ‘chubby’ style furniture and luscious pink surroundings, the collection projects its aura into an immersive dreamscape. Whilst transforming these spaces attracts avid ‘Gentle Monster’ consumers and encourages their engagement, they also honour the hero product in its fitting landscape.


A brand we all know and love, Aperol Spritz. Renowned for their delightful beverage with delicate blends of sweet oranges, and known for their ability to throw a party, they transformed Battersea Power Station with ‘APERIDISCO’. By making the space feel like a holiday-haven and Italian terrazza, they teased their British consumers with the thought of sunnier days and warmer nights. With brand experience at the heart of the design, Aperol created a social destination that celebrated both the brand and its consumers. Utilizing their iconic orange hue among a sea of cocktail lovers, it enhanced and exhibited the beverage in all its brilliance. From masterclasses and ‘Big Joy’ brunches to karaoke and live DJs, the ‘APERIDISCO’ provided the perfect opportunity to build brand awareness and advocacy through authentic experiences. Creating a multifunctional activation where visitors could drink, socialise, dance and explore the extensive offerings of the Italian brand, all whilst emulating a perfect summer evening.

Aperol Retail Design Creating A Cohesive Brand Story

In addition to their tactile design, the Aperol brand employs awe-spiring backdrops to encourage a photo hotspot. With a variety of consumers wanting to live in an ‘instagrammable’ moment, photo opportunities create brand awareness through the functionalities of social media, resulting in organic content and engagement. Throughout their Melbourne Airport take over, Aperol celebrated the Australian Open partnership and served-up summer in the southern hemisphere. Embellished with court markings, racquets and nets, the experiential store encouraged consumers to play, interact and experiment with Aperol branded products during the tennis season. With appearance of an immersive digital screen, the space honours the aperitivo moment at sunset, building a connection between the consumer and the beverage.

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