April 8th, 2019

A travelling pop-up focused on achieving that summer glow, all-year around.

Famous not only for the cosmetics but also the woman behind the brand, Charlotte Tilbury has made a huge impact in the beauty industry. Within the past four years the brand has become the rose-gold staple of most cosmetic wardrobes, with products quickly selling out shortly after their launch.

During the summer, Charlotte Tilbury launched the famous GlowMo campaign, a ‘straight off the catwalk’ product range designed to achieve that summer glow all-year round. And as the eagerly anticipated range launched, so did the brands travelling pop-up experience.

Reaching four major UK cities, the pop-up was designed with the brands key narrative in mind, resulting in a glamorous Hollywood aesthetic. From statement lighting and rose gold finishes through to playful oversized factices, the beauty event emanated Tilbury from start to finish.


Not only radiating luxury, the Charlotte Tilbury GlowMo pop-up had no shortage of interaction with its luxury cosmetic fans. Tilbury brand ambassadors were armed with products, ready to immerse visitors in the GlowMo experience with a beauty makeover. Once fully adorned with the summer glow of the products, the selfie-light provided the picture-perfect glow for visitors to take the greatest GlowMo selfie. After posting on social platforms with the relevant hashtag, ‘grammers could expect to find their radiant selfies making their mark on the pop-up screens.

A brand already winning at social media, this space buzzed with instagrammable moments, creating picture-perfect moments from the selfie booth to the oversized Tilbury model aboard the much-loved Wonder Glow.

Creating that GlowMo moment had never been easier.