Over the past year, D4R have been tasked with amplifying the Too Faced retail presence, across the UK and abroad. From Selfridges to Debenhams, we’ve injected the magic of Too Faced glitter into dozens of concessions. This time, we take that amplification to the next level with the brand’s first ever own-store in the UK.

Just last week, the Too Faced flagship opened its doors to avid fans on Carnaby Street, London. The vibrant location of Carnaby is perfect, it thrives on crowds of people each and every day. And the opening date couldn’t have been more perfect as the swarms of Christmas shoppers descend upon London’s busiest retail streets.

Knowing the location specifications, we were set to design a space which worked perfectly for the luxury but quirky Too Faced brand. And this new space offers tonnes of quirky features, especially the hero areas.

Bestselling products such as Better Than Sex mascara, Born This Way foundation and scented palettes (peach and chocolate) make the perfect oversized statement in-store. Eyes are immediately drawn to the oversized Better Than Sex mascara, in all its shimmering pink beauty. As such a pivotal product of social media, the dedicated space in-store is equally as captivating.

Born This Way, the brand’s widely acclaimed foundation, is pumped up to new levels with giant bottles adorning the left wall. The spacious display indulges in a vast colour selection for its consumers whilst the tester displays are minimalist and effective.

Just to the right of the foundation area, consumers can find the lip story wall. Instagram is filled with Too Faced pouts, each as sultry as the last. The brand has brought this to store with retro artwork wallpaper, featuring these sultry lips, on which 3D lip mirrors are placed; extremely cheeky and extremely on-brand. And if the wallpaper isn’t enough quirkiness, the branded UK flag made entirely of sequins might be! Adorned with “Too Faced Loves London”, the space is perfect for selfies – a trend which the brand is fully on board with.

Moving into the centre floor of this flagship, the two favoured Too Faced palettes come to life. Firstly, the Chocolate Bar – where oversized really comes to life. The table top for this unit appears truly indulgent with its unwrapped chocolate bar aesthetic, finished with sleek gold legs. It’s like looking at a Hershey’s bar, but it’s covered in make-up; what more could a girl ask for?  

Then we find the Sweet Peach. Oversized, characterful and purely an instagrammable delight. Illumination within the unit makes the peach glow, whilst the circular nature of this unit provides a soft and effortless finish.

The doll’s house cash wrap was also a fun fixture, which truly speaks for itself. It’s the final touch point for customers as they purchase their favoured Too Faced products. And each of these hero areas or touch points were designed with the objective of heightened customer experience; fully immersing customers into the heart of the brand.

Avid fans of the brand will be full equipped to head to these dedicated hero areas, but for new customers they can start their experience at the ‘Jerrod’s Favourites’ area. Injecting some of Jerrod Blandino into the store was vital – along with the beloved Clover.

We’ve gotten ahead of ourselves discussing the in-store features, forgetting the fascia and window displays; both of which certainly deserve some attention. Walking up to the store, the contrast between the turquoise bricks above and the muted pink of the store front makes for an outstanding combination, whilst the shimmering sequins and illuminated Too Faced screams personality. It’s pink, it’s fun and it’s indulgent. In fact, this indulgence takes on a whole new layer when taking a look at the right-hand window which features an oversized chocolate bar, very much a bestseller, the store begs you to enter with the phrase ‘indulge your senses’.

D4R provided all VM solutions for the fixtures in this flagship, working closely with the brand to ensure that every inch of the store screamed personality. Having developed a relationship with the brand for some time now, we were able to adapt a lot of our previous experience and learnings to supply fixtures for a first ever own-store.

Each step of design, development and installation was meticulous, and we are incredibly proud of the finished store. In fact, the store broke all records for an opening on Carnaby Street so we can safely say that the brand love the flagship too!


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