The Wellness Economy

In recent years, the retail landscape has become saturated with images of high-performance activewear, clean eating and modest beauty regimes; each of which have become part of the greater ‘wellness’ trend. However, wellness has quickly outgrown its humble beginnings as a fitness and diet-centred concept and has become a mainstream trend, inclusive of everyone, regardless of gender, class or demographic.

In order to interrogate the wellness concept at retail, we delve deeper into how the buzzy trend that has taken over and where it will take us….

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No longer limited to the idea of being fit, the concept of wellness now refers to the physical, emotional and mental approach to wellbeing. In fact, the trend has almost become a kind of religion for many individuals, sending them on a journey towards achieving the greatest ‘self’; inclusive of healthier, happier and balanced lifestyles. It is this dedication to individual empowerment which has seen us placing more value on activities, products and events which promote a sense of holistic wellness.

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It’s not all about yoga and avocados.

For many years, wellbeing was associated with yoga, meditation and the latest clean diet, all promoted to improve our physical condition and thus supposedly improve ourselves. However, we’ve come to understand that the overarching concept of wellness includes a multiplicity of elements which lead to the optimised self. We’re not on a quest for perfection, but a journey to the best self that we can be. In retail, this cultural shift hugely affects our purchases, with a larger focus on not only how we shop, but why we feel the product or service will be beneficial to us.

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