July 22nd, 2019

Insight article

“The global eyewear market gains momentum as both manufacturers and designers continue to focus on product innovation and direct-to-consumer experiences.”

For those who have been wearing glasses for quite some time, the purchase of prescriptive eyewear is often a fraught experience; filled with clinical consultations and an overwhelming amount of product which is, frankly, underwhelming in design. Rooted in necessity, eyewear for corrective purposes is often pigeon-holed with any other form of medical service.

However, as consumers begin to demand more from every experience in their lives, a gap in the market has emerged for eyewear retailers with innovation at their core. In recent years, this gap has swiftly become filled by forward-thinking brands across the globe.

We couldn’t discuss the eyewear market without reference to the revolution of eyewear as a fashion accessory. Over time, we have witnessed high-street brands offering specs – with little to no medical purposes – which allow every fashion-seeker to get involved with the new-age trend of eyewear as a fashionable commodity…

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