February 15th, 2021

Design 4Retail

Insight article

A dive into the types of sustainable futures and opportunities for sustainable retail design


1.0 What is sustainability?

2.0 Sustainable futures

_Re-use & repair

3.0 Opportunities for sustainable retail design

_Displaying dynamic content
_Shell scheme and utilities
_Product display
_Sustainable materials

4.0 Our vision



1.0 What is sustainability?

True sustainability comes from the knowledge and understanding of how to apply: material choices, methods of operation, circular consumption and ways of safe-guarding our environment and ecosystem. No longer is it considered enough to be simply using eco-friendly materials; we have to think about the broader picture.


In this report we have identified four individual pathways in which, through material substrates, operational ways of working and careful consumption, we can leverage true sustainability for retail and product presentation. On top of this, we have also identified four key areas of the design process which present ample opportunity for the implementation of sustainable applications within retail architecture.

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