September 13th, 2021

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The beauty industry is arguably one of the most capricious retail industries. Not only do the needs of its consumers change at lightning speed, but its consumers hold beauty brands accountable if they are not reactive to these new consumer attitudes and behaviours, or if the speed of change is not as anticipated.


_01 Foreword
_02 Industry overview
_03 Sector trends
_04 What does this mean for beauty at retail?

1.0 Foreword


Adding to the velocity at which the beauty industry manoeuvres is the concurrence of lively ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ beauty trends. These are trends that are further narrated, amplified, and shaped by the seemingly infinite number of beauty influencers fiercely competing for engagement via quality online content to catch the attention of their best-loved brands. Not to mention, COVID.


This is further amplified by the rise of beauty cultists – “a new generation of hyper-loyal beauty consumers that are building localised communities around their favourite brands”.

With these types of beauty consumers not only investing so much of their time into being loyal brand-fans but also actively advocating for brands, it is no surprise that the beauty obsessed continue to demand more from beauty brands as they seek to find and maintain a sense of belonging.


In this whitepaper we will once again be revisiting the subject of beauty retail’s future, offering our analysis of the beauty landscape; the trends of the time and what beauty brands are up to currently, our understanding of the trends that are set to break into the mainstream, how brands can navigate these trends at retail, as well as our thoughts on the industry’s overarching direction.


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