May 28th, 2020

Lucy Mister

Insight article

"Removing the barriers that modern consumers commonly face when navigating the retail landscape"

Our Trends and Insight Team intently monitor the retail landscape, researching microtrends and watching their buoyancy in a hyperactive industry to detect their impact on the industry’s future trajectory. Through identifying patterns, correlations, differences, and similarities between several microtrends, it is indeed possible to predict the next macrotrend which will support the future of retail and push it into a new era – as is the case with Agile Retail.

Agile Retail has for some time been widely implemented by brands and retailers to improve business mechanisms – from being better able to react to change and accurately forecast supply and demand, to generating publicity and streamlining operations to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Yet, it is only now that we are seeing brands and retailers fully embrace this approach by using Agile Retail to remove the barriers that modern consumers commonly face when navigating the retail landscape, empowering the consumer in the process.


In this whitepaper we will be identifying the ways in which brands and retailers are demonstrating Agile Retail, exploring microtrends to help us to define the shape of retail in a post-coronavirus world. We will also be observing how the rise in demand for Agile Retail is creating a gap in the market for progressive start-ups as some established companies have been slow to adapt their operations in response to this metamorphic macrotrend.

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