September 28th, 2023

Cara Turnbull

Versace brings its iconic energy to The Corner Shop

At D4R we love to get out and about, exploring the wider retail landscape, to gain valuable insight from current cultural and retail moments, ensuring we constantly feed our creative minds. Understanding consumer’s motivations and what influences their shopping behaviours can be directly linked to exposing ourselves to the consumers out in the field.

During our recent retail safari in London, we stopped by the Versace pop-up at Selfridges’ Corner to see what all the hype was about! As a luxury brand, we felt it important to understand how Versace can reach a larger demographic of consumers rather than the typical target audience. We believe success isn’t solely measured on a monetary scale; the exposure of a brand can be equally as important. In this article we explore how the duo provided an inclusive experience for both Selfridges and Versace customers alike.

The Corner Shop is renowned for its everchanging interiors, hosting a multitude of pop-up shops and experiences over the years that have attracted people from across the globe. The event was to launch the ‘Icons’ collection bringing together their most iconic collaborations, in-the-know references, and several visual devices.


The luxury Italian brand, Versace, opted for a minimalistic black and white checkered display, inspired by their Milan store on Via Gesù, to compliment this years’ women’s autumn/winter collection. The design deliberately contrasts the brand’s core aesthetic to focus the viewer’s attention on the showstopping Medusa and Greca pieces. Subtle aqua blue and baby pink accents adorn the space, which is perhaps a coincidental nod to the barbie-core trend that has taken over the fashion industry this summer, following the release of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie.

From the façade, passersby are drawn into the store by the instantly recognisable black gown Gigi Hadid debuted during the LA runway show and later when Lady Gaga wore it at the 2023 Academy Awards. The dress certainly takes centre stage though the use of light boxes to highlight the dress’s extravagant silhouette. The display also features an impressive, larger-than-life replica of the Greca Goddess top handle bag. The bag’s glossy-leather finish reflects the lights of the pop-ups to create a radiant glow – bringing the execution to life. By showcasing such iconic pieces, the exhibition provides customers with a sense of exclusivity when browsing the pop-up, branding the Corner Shop as the only place to experience this deep dive into Versace’s history.

The Hyperphysical Retail trend, which emerged from the post-covid landscape, pushes retailers to rethink bricks-and-mortar stores as more engaging, sensorial, and memorable spaces. Selfridges have successfully achieved providing consumers with a hyperphysical experience right on our high street through the Versace takeover. The high-gloss fixtures within the space reflect Versace’s premium identity, the value of the highly crafted products, as well as befitting their luxe environment. The pop-up allowed the opportunity to get up close and personal with the new collection, ask the experts about the pieces, and take a photo in the themed selfie booth! An exclusive Versace experience is also available for those Selfridges Keyholder’s, offering the select few with VIP exclusives and custom-made goodies! This premium experience gives us an insight into the future of retail, where consumers are seeking more bespoke experiences that evoke emotion and that allows them to develop a deeper connection with the brand.

Thoughts from our Marketing Assistant, Cara…

This pop-up was definitely a hit, which was evident from the sheer number of people queuing to get a glimpse of Versace’s pieces. The pop-up combines glamorous luxury wear with accessible high-street shopping, allowing a larger demographic to enjoy the brand. The historic element of the concept is showcased through a heavily monochromatic colour palette. This selective colour palette, strays from the iconic Versace-gold to the more mutated brand identity Versace are looking to use in the future. The inclusivity of the pop-up champions its consumers to create a sense of community, I felt just as appreciated as the next.

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