October 22nd, 2015

Design 4Retail

Thomas Pink is a brand very in touch with its own heritage and British culture. Centuries ago the iconic Hunting coat was designed by a London tailor who was known as Mr Pink and from then on, even though the garment was made of scarlet cloth, it was referred to as PINK. Representing the PINK name with their cheeky fox which is a reminder of Tailor Pinks traditions, they pride themselves with their workmanship and their traditional quality of garments.

Their shirts are made from the finest quality, two-fold cotton and are immaculately cut and finished. For anyone wearing them, they are crisp, comfortable and always look the part with their exclusive fabric and attention to detail. Thomas pink is internationally sold with flagship stores in London, New York and Paris. They provide not only excellent shirts but also silk ties, tailoring, knitwear and accessories for both men and women. Thomas Pink is definitely worth looking at as a ‘Pink shirt is always the fitting beginning for an impeccable look.’