July 9th, 2015

Design 4Retail

Read About Window Display Design Best Practices

Our team of window display designers understand what it takes to create an effective window display for any store. These all-important displays often give a passing customer their first impression of your store and determine whether or not they enter so it’s important to get them right. Read on to discover the do’s and don’ts of window display design.

shop window display

DO light your window display

The right lighting brings attention to your window display. It makes sure your products are seen by potential customers and warms the display up. Ensure the lighting you choose to install in your window display matches the rest of your store. Shape and style are not the biggest concern here, but lighting of the same colour will tie your window display design in with the rest of your store. Additionally, experimenting with smaller light sources such as table lights and fairy lights can help change the mood of your display. The possibilities are endless- but the main aim is to ensure your products are seen by passing customers!

DON’T be unclear in your message

Good window displays share a visual message with members of the public who walk past your store. If this is not clear after a short glance then the display is not effective. Choose a definitive focal point for your window. This could be the brightest or largest item on display and should be placed centrally to draw attention. A good display should tell a story to anyone who sees it and a clear theme should be evident. An example of this is a colour scheme running throughout the whole display. It’s important not to send mixed messages to your customers simply for the sake of adding an extra product to your window display.

DO change it regularly

Changing your window displays frequently stops your store from looking stale and ensures you keep the attention of prospective customers who walk past on a regular basis. People are intrigued by change and by displaying something they haven’t seen before is a great way to entice them into your store. Changing your window displays frequently keeps things fresh and exciting and gives the impression that stock is always changing. Window displays also provide free advertising for your business and the more regularly you change them, the more merchandise you are able to advertise for nothing.

DON’T clutter

Creating an effective window display is not about cramming as many products as possible into a small space! It’s about showcasing a small selection of the merchandise you sell to passing trade, giving them a small glimpse of what you have to offer and enticing them into making an impulse purchase. Clutter is a sales killer. If your window display is too busy and not visually attractive, passers-by will not stop to look and your store could be missing out on a lot of important sales. Again, focus points help clearly convey your message to the public whilst sharing a snapshot of what your store sells.

DO time it right

Timing is everything. National holidays, changes in the season and even the weather should have a big impact on your display. It’s important to share your time-specific products in advance of when a customer might need them and ensure the display has been changed as soon as they are irrelevant. Having a seasonal display for too long can have just as much of a damaging effect on sales as missing out on the opportunity altogether. Also, choosing when to physically set up your displays is important. Select a time when your store is not busy and you won’t be distracted by customers to ensure your window display looks its best.

DON’T be lazy

Laziness is never acceptable when it comes to window displays. Great retail design does not necessarily have to be expensive or extensively time-consuming, but a little effort does go a long way. Perfection is the key, so ensure your display looks exactly as it should before leaving it to generate sales. Sloppiness will distract from your message, meaning your display will lose its effect. Steer clear of paper coverings and cardboard displays ensure any fabric you use is pulled tightly to create clean, visually effective lines. The more you put into your display, the more you will get out of it.

Overall, the best way to create an effective window display is to plan carefully. Make sure you cover all bases. Consider design, timescales and themes before executing your display and you’ll have a good chance of creating something that will cause passing customers to stop and stare. Design4Retail have a team of experienced window display designers who know just what makes customers tick. Get in touch and see how we can help your store.