December 15th, 2021

Florrie Hayes-Warren

Last year we put up Christmas trees and enjoyed some festivities, however a lot of us felt that last year’s lockdown cancelled Christmas…

Which is why we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to experience Christmas in all its glory this year by visiting a place that does Christmas better than most: Europe’s busiest shopping street, Oxford Street. It may still be a little bit strange this year, however the capital seems ready and eager, making up for the lost time by creating a winter of happiness.

The atmosphere on Oxford Street was vibrant with its busy shoppers bringing cheer to the streets of London. Focusing on Oxford Street and Selfridges, our marketing intern was particularly happy to take a trip to the capital to see the city’s elegant Christmas lights and experience the ‘wow’ factor that often comes from seeing retailers’ show-stopping window displays and store interiors that add a sense of escapism to the shopping journey at Christmas time.



Urban Outfitters

Engaging with its Oxford Street shoppers, Urban Outfitters offers something of a community feel through its window display and visual merchandising. This Christmas, the boutique brand has quite literally fallen into a box of tinsel as gold strips sparkle inside and out. This vintage Christmas display effortlessly creates an experience for customers that is both familiar and unique.


Adding to Oxford Street’s Christmas vibes is SCHUH – a store that never fails to stay ahead of the forever changing retail landscape. This innovative store confidently displays the words, “Christmas is on, bringing back the joy”, in bright neon lights. Similarly to Urban Outfitters, the brand has kept it simple with its LED lighting and sparkly plinths showcasing the brand’s merchandise. All-in-all, SCHUH’s window activation engenders the vibrancy of Oxford Street and perfectly anticipates the thoughts of its customers as we approach Christmas 2021.

Jo Malone

Defined by a sense of sophistication is the timeless and elegant brand, Jo Malone. Evolving into a luxurious aroma for bath, body and home, the brand has proven itself as a powerhouse in the world of fragrance.

Taking us back in time, Jo Malone’s window activation depicts a sculptured manor home at Christmas time, surrounded by beautifully wrapped gifts. These gifts are items that can be purchased instore, making its window display a portal to the brand, enticing customers through a rather chic approach.



If you are on Oxford Street, there is never not a reason to pop into Selfridges. Driven by inspiration and vision, Selfridges showcases the ultimate shopping experience making Christmas shopping exclusive and exciting by celebrating a ‘Christmas of Dreams’. Selfridges has truly captured its shopper’s imaginations with Selfridges’ Managing Director, Andrew Keith, disclosing that the luxury retailer is ready to “bring magical moments to its customers, however they wish to celebrate this year”.

A standout activation of Selfridges is CHRISTIAN DIOR, the designer of dreams has encapsulated Christmas with its crisp, white winter display. Enveloping the magic of Christmas, this intricate display showcases Dior as the well-known elegant designer.

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